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Transcreation, in other words, is a creative copy written to pique the interests of your target audiences in their native languages. The copy aims to grab the attention of the audiences, engage them with the brand messages, or persuade them to purchase the products. Transcreation can transcend language and cultural boundaries to achieve an effective global marketing strategy.

At Elite Translations Asia, we focus on delivering Transcreation services to corporations and enterprises who are marketing their products and services in China, or with the intent of expanding their market reach to China. Our transcreators, copywriters, translators and content creators, equipped with specialised industry knowledge, with advertising and marketing experience

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the difference

Transcreation and Translation are two sides of the same coin, but they follow a very distinct process, each having their own journey. Key issues such as target markets, budget, brand requirements, expectations and goals must be evaluated to decide whether a Transcreator or a Translator would be the most appropriate.

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Translation is a more literal affair, moving the content from one language to another while taking care to fully preserve the style, intent, tone and context. The only aspects which may be changed are the slang and idioms to ensure the target audience understands the message fully. Other than this, translation is typically a word-for-word recreation, just in a different language. The key word to describe translation would be “adapt”.

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Transcreation requires a freer rein, enabling the Trancreator to use a source text as a basis but embellishing it and polishing the content for optimal effect. Advertising text, slogans, tagline and other types of marketing material are often subject to transcreation. Campaign briefs and brand guidelines are also frequently submitted for transcreation. The key word to describe transcreation would be “recreate”.

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