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Consecutive Interpreting

Part of your business may involve organising teleconferences or meetings with colleagues overseas. However, for the discussion to be productive, there are several hurdles you must first overcome, namely differences in culture and language. There is an easy solution for these business meetings: consecutive interpreting.

As a bi-directional tool, consecutive interpreting can be extremely successful in bridging the gap. Our consecutive interpreters have extensive experience in working with different international settings, accommodating and assisting in numerous fields and industries. Our expertise ensures that all content is accurately communicated into the target language, immaterial of any cultural differences that exist.

consecutive interpreting
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Why Choose a Consecutive Interpreting Service?

There are a number of benefits to consecutive interpreting
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Suitable For
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How Consecutive Interpreting is Performed

There can be some variating in consecutive interpreting, as it’s usually provided during a natural pause in the speech of the source individual. This can be at the end of a train of thought, or after a paragraph. Each body of speech is typically 1-5 minutes long.

Understandably, this can be challenging for the interpreter to recall exactly without a bit of help, so often a notepad is used to take supporting notes. No other particular equipment is necessary. The interpreter must be skilled in being able to listen to the source material and memorise the content they need to communicate during the next gap in the conversation. Providing the interpreter with as much information as possible in advance will make the quality of the interpretation even better.

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Complimentary Services

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