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Remote Interpreting

Enjoy Remote Conference Interpreting With Elite Asia!

Why is remote conference interpreting considered a game-changer in the corporate industries? The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the way people live but also had companies from different industries rethinking their events strategy. The traditional onsite events such as grand openings, product launches, and other marketing campaigns were hindered up until this very day in some parts of East and Southeast Asia. Many live events and conferences are cancelled to help flatten the curve and choose a virtual event with remote interpreting instead. The initial solution of many companies is to shift their onsite activities online. Truly, online events are safer and proven to be convenient, especially for multinational companies. Aside from lessening the risk of contracting the virus, virtual conferences also make people from different countries connected in real-time. One of the challenges that arise from using virtual events, however, is to break the language barrier among different cultures and countries. This is resolved by Elite Asia’s remote conference interpreting technology.

During this crucial time, the MICE industry has pivoted physical events to virtual ones to continue to maintain business relationships, educate their staff about the latest trends in their industries, and find new clients. It is also expected that this virtual trend will continue even after the pandemic. FUZON is the perfect solution to help step into this new trend.

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FUZON is a Multilingual Remote Conference Interpreting Technology that allows you to host conferences or other virtual events remotely with your clients in their mother tongues. Our platform supports two majors out-of-the-box interpreting services, RSI and OPI. This helps many companies during their virtual events to further explain their projects, products, and programs while in turn, understanding their clients better.

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Why Choose FUZON Remote Interpreting Solutions

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Seamless Multilingual Environment

Our up-to-date technology including real-time remote simultaneous interpretation with translation chat box help our clients deliver their presentation without any language barrier.

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Complete Control with Strong Technical Support

With the option to open for questions or mute the audience, the presenter can choose to deliver his session according to the audience’s reaction without any interference.

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Easy to Set up with High Accessibility

You can hold a virtual event with up to 250 participants from all over the globe simply with a laptop and internet connection.

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Holding a virtual event can help reduce the cost of travel and logistic arrangement.

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Suitable For
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Multilingual Remote Interpreting

will enable you to
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Complementary Services

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What is remote simultaneous interpretation?

Remote simultaneous interpretation is among the services we offer at Elite Asia. This type of interpretation service allows us to extend our language translation to our clients who are living very far from our headquarters.

What is virtual interpretation?

Virtual interpretation is a type of language interpretation service being done during an online event. We offer virtual interpretation services here at Elite Asia.

How does video remote interpreting work?

Video remote interpreting makes use of communication devices such as speakers and receivers to translate foreign languages into a certain language and convey it to the audiences in an online event.

Does Webex have an interpretation?

Webex had recently offered a free trial for interpretation service on their platform. However, should you wish for a reliable and remote conference interpretation service, we offer one here at Elite Asia.

What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation refers to the type of interpreting wherein while the speaker talks, the interpreter is translating his words into another language. On the other hand, consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter conveys the message whenever the speaker pauses.

How does simultaneous interpretation work?

Simultaneous interpretation works for large conferences involving many foreign participants. The interpreter will simply translate everything he heard into another language.