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Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Conference Interpreting Services

If you are planning on organising international meetings or multinational conferences, we can help you to drive global business activity forward by our simultaneous conference interpreting services. We understand that it can be challenging to ensure the right message is effectively communicate to the full list of delegates, taking into account the different languages and cultures. Our Simultaneous Interpreting Services offer a powerful solution for these types of occasions.

Elite Asia providing simultaneous interpreting services to various businesses in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore and regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan. Providing simultaneous conference interpreting, we had participated in various global conference.

Our highly skilled simultaneous interpreters are adept in switching between two different languages. We make sure that each body of text carries the same potency and intent as the original message, despite the difference in the language being used.

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Simultaneous Interpreting Service

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Simultaneous Interpreting is a demanding job, requiring the interpreter to use the full extent of their concentration to not only listen, understand and remember information, but also to then communicate the same message immediately in the target language. This type of interpretation does not involve any delay between the speech and the interpretation being delivered, it’s necessary for interpreters to work in pairs. This enables them to take turns producing the interpretation in 15-minute slots without any impairment of accuracy. Interpreting equipment is essential for a larger audience when the messages are to be replayed rapidly.

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Complimentary Services

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