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Multilingual Tourism Solutions

Tourism is a massive industry, which grows in size with every year that passes. Indeed, in 2019 the international tourism arrival figure has grown by a staggering 6%, making that figure 1.4 billion. This is further growth to the massive 7% growth that the tourism industry experienced in 2017.

In 2016, there were over 2748 tourism meetings, with 22% of these worldwide meetings been held in Asia Pacific & Middle east – all according to a report by the ICCA. Together, these statistics show that MICE events, which showcase a country to make it more desirable to tourists, are incredibly important to increase a country’s tourism revenue. At Elite Asia we can use Multilingual Tourism Solutions to help you to improve and enhance what you offer, delighting participants in MICE and attracting inbound tourists.

Multilingual tourism solutions

The problem is, if at that MICE event you only showcase your country in one language, then you’re unlikely to receive the boost to tourism that you might expect. Which is why making your tourism marketing multilingual is a shrewd investment – as it helps your country stand out from other countries that only marketed in one language. Which, in turn, leads to a growth in your tourism stats.

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Inbound Tourism Events Solution

Inspire Inbound Tourism at Events, Exhibitions & Trade Fairs

When showcasing your country at an international event, it’s not easy to stand out from all the other wonderful countries also at that event. Which is where our translation services come in, allowing you to present your marketing in several languages to as to appeal to a larger audience.

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MICE Business Development Solution

Attract Renowned Speakers & Boost MICE Tourism Receipts

In the world of MICE, it’s essential that you attract the best in speakers for your event. By using our multilingual services, we’ll help your tourism goals in attracting the best in high-calibre speakers to impress those attending.

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Travel & Destination Marketing Solution

Drive Exposure for Your Destination and Travel Business

The tourism market is highly competitive, especially with so many beautiful destinations in the world to visit. Here our translation team can help you hone your international marketing to look its best and ensure that everything we translate communicates your desired message.

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Recruitment & Internal Communication Solution

Essential HR Communications for Foreign Employees

When employing foreign workers for various tourist attractions and businesses, it makes sense to supply job descriptions and contracts in the language of the applicants. This allows you to receive the best applicants who will feel more loyal to a company that took the time to communicate in their native tongue.

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