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Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing Services

Whether you are looking to have a book, manual or brochure or even the text in pictures printed and distributed for international audiences, we can deliver consistency and accuracy of the same layout across all languages through our Desktop Publishing (DTP) services, often referred Typesetting Services. With these services the images and content you receive will have a set standard, retaining the look and feel of the original material while communicating it effectively for different markets.

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What We Do


Font Compatibility Checks


Page Layout and Formatting


Proofreading of Post DTP Artwork


Software Graphical User Interface (GUI) DTP


Files Conversion


Press Checks


Web DTP in HTML, XML and more...

Our Desktop Publishing Services (DTP), also known as Typesetting Services, provide consistency in the appearance and layout of your content in every language. We help ensure that your brand looks the same for your international audience, whether it’s brochures, manuals, books or image text. Our services ensure that every single piece of content meets our scrupulously high standards, keeping the look and style of the source material while making it accessible for all markets and audiences.

Although budget and time may be a priority for content translation, it’s also essential to make sure the format is consistent whatever language it’s being presented in. We ask our clients to give us editable working files as it allows our translators to use it as a reference point. This can be a time-efficient solution as it minimises the number of revisions necessary while still providing the same high-quality results.

Here at Elite Asia, we are completely committed to delivering the very best DTP services. We can also assist when you’re ready to go to print with our Print Management Services. This means that we can offer a complete end-to-end service, making it a streamlined and efficient process each and every time.

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