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Website Localisation

website localisation

In the modern digital era, the focus for any business is firmly on becoming digital and expanding to become global. Having a website that is accessible for international customers, meeting their changing needs and boosting engagement is not a luxury but now a necessity. Website Localisation is playing important role in your business localisation process.

To engage with consumers efficiently on every level, it’s necessary for your website to offer content in a language that’s accessible. Without this, you won’t be able to reach or attract the audience you’re trying to market to. You may well have customers from a variety of countries who speak different languages; if this is the case you’ll need to make your website available in the language that will be the most attractive to them.

Although the language selector is a good start, website localisation offers far more than this. Changing your content to meet the needs of overseas markets is imperative if you want to extend your reach. Using proven tactics such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in your content combined with Website Localisation and you’ll be able to achieve the optimum effect with your website. This will enable you to reach a whole new market and communicate your content in a more effective manner to foreign audiences.

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SEO Content Generation

Elite Asia offers a different experience, with Business Localisation Solutions which aim to win not just a share of the revenue but also loyalty and commitment from future customers. In the past, localisation and marketing have been dead with separately with no crossover or linkup between the two.

Our Website Localisation Solution aims to change all of that, offering companies the best of everything at a fraction of the price. By helping them to achieve the goals for their business while planning, executing and organising multi-channel marketing campaigns, Elite Asia can help clients to take their business to the next level.

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Website Assessment


Glossary Preparation


Multilingual Keyword Research


Glossary In-Country Translation and Approval


Website & SEO Translation with Proofreading


Review, Edit, and Proofread


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Update Translation Memory


Release Translation

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