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Elite AsiaAbout Us

Elite Asia enables businesses to communicate effectively and succeed across Asian markets. Together with AISA Digital, Elite Asia assists companies to overcome business complexities brought on by cultural and linguistic barriers. Elite Asia and AISA Digital are brands housed under TRANSLASIA Holdings, with TAKARA & COMPANY as its major shareholder.

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AISA Digital Pte. Ltd. supports e-commerce and digital businesses with artificial intelligence capabilities that enable massive localisation in Asian languages.

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TRANSLASIA Holdings Pte. Ltd comprises of a group of companies that provides suites of language and cultural services and advisory to help businesses excel in new host countries.

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TAKARA & COMPANY LTD is the industry leader providing financial disclosure support to listed companies in Japan as well as IPO-related services in local and overseas markets.

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Your Business Partner

Since its establishment in 2006, Elite Asia has evolved into a regional powerhouse that helps businesses navigate effortlessly across East Asia and Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Japan, we serve multinational companies and regional firms through our innovative language services and solutions powered by TECHNOLOGY and PEOPLE. We communicate with CLARITY, express within cultural CONTEXT, and speak with CONVICTION. 

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ISO 9001 UKAS Translation & Interpreting Service
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Asia Coverage

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