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Content and Document Translation

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If you make your business documents and marketing material available in other languages, it’s possible to penetrate foreign markets and establish business connections which would be hitherto out of reach. A multilingual approach also enables a global operation, reaching other countries successfully with your company brand. You can’t share ideas, knowledge and information without translation. We provide Content and Document Translation Services for the business community based on the industry, location, target audience and intended function.

Even if your customers or stakeholders speak English, communicating in their own language provides a greater depth of communication and enhances understanding. This leads to improved relationships with better loyalty and trust, while simultaneously providing a greater feeling of security.

content and document translation
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Types of content

you can translate
        • Brochure
        • Press Kit
        • Webpage
        • EDM
        • Social Media Blog / Post
        • Product Catalogue
          • Whitepaper
          • Case Study
          • Training Material (LMS)
          • Policies & Guidelines
          • Presentation Slides
          • Business Proposal
          • Financial & Audit Report
          • Due Diligence Report
          • Annual Report
          • Legal Contract
          • Technical Drawing
          • Subtitle
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Translation Process

The translation process can be broken down into three separate stages:

Getting the content ready, creating glossaries and selecting the team to perform the translation

Translating the content, proofreading the results and carrying out a final check

The submission of the translation (which starts the revision period), acceptance and completion

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