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During 2017 in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific, more than 2814 meetings were held. According to the statistics report from the ICCA, this represents 22% of all global meetings. Taipei, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Bangkok are some of the leading Asian MICE cities, along with others in Singapore and Hong Kong. As this industry expands and flourishes, fierce competition is created. For this reason, it’s imperative to find your niche. The Multilingual Interpreting Services available from the team here at Elite Asia are designed to assist Business Meetings and Conferences.

 Your overall service will be enhanced, appealing to international delegates as well as attracting prestigious speakers.

Multilingual Interpreting
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Business Meetings and Conferences


Simultaneous Interpreting

This interpreting is most frequently used for large scale conferences and meetings. It requires the linguist to convey the original message into the target language the same time the speaker is talking

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Consecutive Interpreting

This type of interpreting is most suitable for smaller scale events and meetings. The message is conveyed into the target language when the speaker pauses after a few sentences. The interpreter is allowed to take notes as the speaker talks.

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FUZON - Multilingual Remote Interpreting

FUZON is a Multilingual Remote Interpreting Technology which allows you to host conferences or other virtual events remotely with your clients in their mother tongues. Our platform supports two majors out-of-the-box interpreting services, RSI and OPI.


On-Site Transcription

This type of transcription requires transcriptionists to transcribe video/ audio content for business discussions or negotiations at a client-designated time and venue.

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Equipment Purchase & Rental

We provide rental and purchase of our interpreting equipment. This includes our BOSCH Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment, Wireless Tour Guide System and our PA & Sound System.

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