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Here at Elite Asia, we provide transcription solutions which can either be delivered as a separate service or combined with our translation. We offer a number of different types of Asia Transcription Services including meeting transcriptions, legal transcription, transcriptions for research or a focus group, corporate transcriptions and general content transcriptions. Our transcription services are not limited to these; other types of transcription are also available. Whatever type of transcription you require, our professional and expert team will deliver your content securely and meticulously.

Our Transcription Services in Asia are extremely cost-effective but we will never compromise on our quality just to save money. Despite the great value our service offers, you’ll always receive a precise, accurate and high-quality transcription that’s delivered on time. Before delivering the transcripts to you, a second professional transcriptionist checks, reviews and proofreads the content to guarantee accuracy.

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Our Services

On-Site Transcription

This solution involves a transcriptionist transcribing audio and video content for business negotiations and meetings at a time and venue arranged by the client.

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Edited Transcription

For Edited Transcription, the transcriber needs to appreciate not just the information and its meaning but the context in which it is given in either a video or audio file. It’s important that this is done while making sure it’s clear and understandable.

Intelligent Transcription

Intelligent transcription delivers a full transcript of what was said, omitting unnecessary elements such as unfinished sentences, pauses, emotions and laughter to deliver results that make sense.

Verbatim Transcription

Our Verbatim Transcription service provides a written form of your transcript that includes every word that was spoken, along with unfinished sentences, emotions and laughs etc.

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