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your business partner in asia

Since its establishment in 2006, Elite Asia has evolved into a regional powerhouse that helps businesses navigate effortlessly across East Asia and Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in various Asian countries including Hong Kong and Malaysia, we serve multinational companies and regional firms through our innovative language services, professional translation services, and ESG solutions powered by TECHNOLOGY and PEOPLE.

Elite Asia is the APAC partner of GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), a member of GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives), and an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certified company. Our consultant team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive localisation and knowledge of ESG requirements and a deep understanding of sustainability best practices across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and China.

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Our Main Solutions

Business Meetings and Conferences

Your overall service will be enhanced, appealing to international delegates as well as attracting prestigious speakers by using Elite Asia’s conference interpretation service in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and even other Asian countries.

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Business Localisation

Elite Asia, as the top translation agency in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong provides a suite of solutions catering to your business needs. Utilising our business localisation solutions, you’ll be able to reach and attract new audiences and keep them engaged in one easy move.

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Multilingual Marketing

Globalisation and technology have pushed businesses’ abilities to go beyond their typical borders.Even smaller scale businesses can achieve success through multilingual digital marketing. Elite Asia is not only a reputable translation company in Asia, but also backed by a group of experienced digital marketers to help achieve your market expansion.

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ESG Solution

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are crucial for responsible and sustainable corporate practices. At Elite Asia, we are dedicated to helping businesses toward a future that implements ESG principles.

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Our technology

The days when translation companies take so much time to hand over the translated manuscript that is manually written or typewritten using a manual typewriter are long gone. In a modern translation company such as Elite Asia, quality and fast services are backed with the most advanced technology. Our conference interpretation services and translation services are powered by real-time communication solutions and up to date multilingual reference materials to ensure accuracy and on-time delivery of excellent results. Our translation agency in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong raises the bar higher for the language and multilingual translation industry in the East Asia and Southeast Asia region.

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Our People

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Our Specialisations


Elite Asia has a team of certified subject matter experts that not only value the importance of accuracy but are also comfortable to translate even the most complicated financial documents for you.


You can rely on Elite Asia to provide you with a team of experts that is suitable for your Legal Translation.


By leveraging on our Multilingual Interpreting Services, Elite Asia can help you to enrich your service offerings, attract distinguished speakers and of course, delight your international participants.


At Elite Asia, we provide top-notch translators that are both certified and well-experienced to assist your medical translation.


At Elite Asia, we have an experienced group of experts that focus on quality and accuracy, to ensure that there are no misunderstanding or ambiguity of the translated documentation.


At Elite Asia, we offer a localisation platform that is installed with specialised machines, connecting with a team of well-trained and experienced post-editors.


At Elite Asia, tourism translation will support your business ventures as well as leisure.


With Elite Asia, Insurance Translation will further help your business across the country.


At Elite Asia, with Fintech Translation we can help you to communicate your fintech business to potential business partners and customers.


At Elite Asia, we provide Health, Wellness & Fitness Translation to help you globalise your business.


Elite Asia provides Media and Marketing Translation which is a necessity to help you conquer global market.

Require to Get Your Certificates Translated?

Enjoy the best rate

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Steps involved inprocessing Certified Translation


Order Your Translation

Get an online quote
Make an online order
Make payment
Receive email confirmation


Project Starts

Translation & Proofreading
Sent for client review
Certification & Notarisation


Receive Translation

By email
By courier

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Why Choose Usfor your certified translation needs

Our Offices



230 Victoria Street, #15-01/08, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188024



Office No. 9, 1/F, The Lodge, No.535 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong



12-15, Wisma UOA II, 21 Jalan Pinang, 50450 kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use Elite Asia instead of engaging freelancers?

Save time: Elite Asia takes great care and efforts in searching for qualified linguists, which means that you save time on locating these people in helping you for translation projects.

Risk reduction: If you try to engage freelance translators, you would be left hanging if they suddenly fall sick or do not keep to their word by missing the deadline or provide work of bad quality. This means it is very risky as you might need the translation to be done promptly and be of good quality. Elite Asia staff have been in the language business for a long time and have established good relationships with others in the language community. We have the resources and experiences in dealing with most situations and will try our best to help you complete your project.

Expertise: Elite Asia will be able to add value by advising you on how to get the best result for your translation needs. In the case of localisation, we can give you advice pertaining to what style and dialect are suitable for your target audiences. We can also assist you in technical issues such as multilingual fonts and printing issues.

Can you handle legal translation and get my translation certified?

Yes. Elite Asia is able and experienced in undertaking translation projects in the legal and financial sectors. We will also endorse such legal translations with our stamp upon request. Regardless of the complexity of the source document, Elite Asia will be able to translate it accurately. Our legal translation work is often highly commended. The translation process which we employ guarantees that the translated document will be complete without flaws.

As lawyers and legal firms often ask for translations of court submissions or other official documents to be certified, Elite Asia works with notary publics who are able to certify the translations. As part of this process, we will also issue a Certificate of Translation that includes a short description of the translator’s qualifications and background, the title of the document, the date of certification and with Elite Asia’s endorsement.

Elite Asia follows the required standards for certified translations and will take every step to ensure the accuracy of the translated document. We will also prevent the possibility of fraud by using specified techniques for translation. Most governments or organizations accept our certified translations as valid.

The languages available for certified translations required by legal firms and companies are;

Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu / Malay, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese / Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Vietnamese, German, French, Russian and etc.

*Certified legal translations often need to be an exact translation of the source and be certified with the translator’s signature so that the document will be accepted by the courts and the authorities.

Do I need a translator or an interpreter?

Translators work with written documents while interpreters translate verbally. If you need a document to be converted from one language to another, you require translation services. However, if you have an event which requires someone to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages, you require interpretation services. Even though both translators and interpreters are very skilled in languages, the skills required for the respective jobs are significantly different.

What countries do you provide conference interpretation, remote interpretation services for?

We mainly provide interpretation services for events and conferences in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. However, if your event is located in countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand, we are also capable of providing local interpreters for you. We have also developed a user-friendly platform for remote interpretation services especially during the pandemic period.

How does Elite Asia ensure the quality of the linguists?

Elite Asia uses accredited native-speaking translators.

All our translators have gone through a qualification and experience check, which involves reviewing their profiles and translation samples, as well as a test translation which is specific to their area of expertise.

With so many translators and ‘so-called translators’ in the industry, we have found these requirements extremely effective in choosing high-quality translators for you.

Elite Asia’s editors and linguistics reviewers generally have degrees in their appropriate language, or degrees in translation (with Honours in Grammar of their language). Alternatively, they may be experts in the subject of the project.

At Elite Asia’s translators are chosen according to their source and target language capability, translation skills, learning capability, knowledge structure, etc. We then select the appropriate individual from a large number of candidates to handle your translation projects.

What languages does Elite Asia translate/interpret?

Elite Asia does best in what we focus on. We prefer not to expand into service languages that we do not specialise in, but to devote our resources to the selective language pairs that are most sought after in Asian markets. We translate/interpret to and from most of the Asian languages:

Arabic, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Tamil, Vietnamese, and major European languages (Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.