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Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

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As well as offering a team of some of the best interpreters around, we believe that using premium interpreting equipment is essential too. Our equipment draws on cutting edge technology to deliver an unparalleled listening experience.

Here at Elite Asia, we believe that Simultaneous Interpreting should be supported by some of the top digital conferencing systems in the world. We use interpreting equipment that supports several different languages through the use of fully digital technology and an infrared language distribution system. Our systems can be used at a range of events from board meetings to international conventions and conferences. For smaller meetings or events where Consecutive Interpreting is required, we suggest the use of a wireless tour guide system which can transmit the desired language from the speaker to groups of up to 10-20 listeners.

interpreting equipment
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About Bosch Integrus

for Simultaneous Interpreting

The Bosch Integrus System utilises a 2-6 MHz band, which is higher frequency, to enable us to operate outside the scope of regular hall lighting. In addition, a much greater signal/noise ratio plus the advantage of automatic correction of errors allows a signal that’s beautifully clear everywhere in the venue. With a loss-free transmission, the sound produced is identical to the original sound. This clarity enhances the listening experience by making it much easier to understand. Every component within the system are simple to configure and interconnect for maximum convenience. The infrared radiators are hardwired to the transmitter and provide multiple options for mounting including the wall, ceiling or a floor stand (optional bracket available).

interpreting equipment
interpreting equipment
interpreting equipment
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interpreting equipment
interpreting equipment
interpreting equipment
interpreting equipment

Soundproof Booth

Pocket Receivers

Lightweight Stereo Headphones

Central Control Unit

interpreting equipment
interpreting equipment
interpreting equipment
interpreting equipment

Digital Multi-Channel Transmitter

Interpreter Desk with Microphone


Audio Expander

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