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28 May 2024 Posted by eliteasia Transcription No Comments
The Limits of AI Transcription When Transcribing Speech to Text

The Limits of AI Transcription When Transcribing Speech to Text

AI is certainly the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology at this very moment, and companies everywhere are harnessing its possibilities to improve accessibility and speed across a wealth of industries. When it comes to the transcription sector, AI is also increasingly being adopted. However, while it is helping businesses to effectively handle their audio content, it has its limitations that must be borne in mind.

The Convenience of AI Transcription

Perhaps the greatest benefit of AI transcription is its convenience. Speedy, autonomous, and effortless, it can convert speech to text fairly accurately in just a few minutes without the need for any human input, if the provided audio is sufficiently clear.

Some types of AI transcription software are even free to use, while others come at a low cost, and this makes this technology especially appealing to businesses and individuals alike who want to take their digital content game to the next level without spending a fortune.

Simple to use, even for a complete beginner, AI transcription software is instantly accessible to all, so it isn’t too surprising that it’s becoming more widespread across a plethora of sectors.

Limitations of AI Transcription

While AI transcription brings many benefits with its use, it also comes with some limitations that can seriously impact the quality of its output. While AI-produced transcription is generally accurate, sometimes artificial intelligence still cannot differentiate background noises, accents, or unusual speech patterns. Newer technologies might have addressed this concern, but this may come with a higher investment.

To a machine, human speech breaks can be confusing, for example, the pauses in each dialogue can vary considerably. Emotions, too, present a problem. While it would be fantastic to see technologies in the future that are capable of recognising and replicating emotions in speech, this is currently beyond the understanding of artificial intelligence software.

Most importantly, AI cannot understand the context of the speech, and this can be a significant issue, especially when transcribing content for international audiences, where context is vital in every conversation.

There can also be security and privacy issues, with businesses put at risk of data loss or hacking – something that can pose major concerns when there is a need to transcribe audio to text from confidential discussions or business meetings.

Resolving Transcription Issues With AI + Human Editors

Since AI transcription software can offer so many benefits to businesses, it makes sense to harness its power but with one addition – human editors. By combining human language skills with the power of artificial intelligence, all of the limitations outlined above can be resolved.

A skilled transcriber can add the human touch to an AI-transcribed text. They can ensure that the context is correct, that the nuances have been correctly captured, and that nothing has been overlooked or misinterpreted. Here at Elite Asia, we have a team of specialists at your service who will work hand-in-hand with the latest AI technology to create the highest-quality transcriptions that offer the time-saving convenience of machine learning twinned with the unique personal touch of a human mind, hybrid transcription solution. The result is an effective, time-saving solution for all your business transcribing needs

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