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Win Popularity In The New Generation: Social Commerce

Elite AsiaRetail & E-commerceWin Popularity In The New Generation: Social Commerce
5 April 2022 Posted by eliteasia Retail & E-commerce No Comments

The latest statistics from 2022 show that the average person spends around 2.5 hours per day using social media, and 60% of people around the world are active on at least one platform.

With this in mind, it isn’t too difficult to see how social media developers view this as a major opportunity to attract the next generation, particularly when we bear in mind that Generation Z is acquiring impressive spending power. It’s no wonder, then, that social commerce is rapidly becoming the way to win popularity with a new generation.

What Is Social Commerce?

The definition of social commerce is a way of incorporating social media into an eCommerce experience so shoppers can benefit from genuine customer recommendations that have been created by genuine users to provide social proof to consumers when they choose what to purchase.

Instagram is currently the biggest social commerce site, but Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook aren’t far behind. In fact, 2/3rds of all visits from social media to Shopify online stores come from Facebook. Even big eCommerce websites like eBay and Amazon are harnessing the power of social commerce to boost their sales and reach an even bigger audience.

Social Media Marketing: Multilingual Can Help

If you’re keen to boost your marketing objectives through the use of social media commerce, multilingual content is vital in generating greater brand awareness and increasing the number of leads you receive. Elite Asia Social Media Marketing is a helpful service that enables you to develop a content strategy that is in your prospective customers’ own languages.

Not only can you localise your content to suit the needs of your potential purchasers, but you can also invite influencers from the relevant local area to promote your products with a seamless purchasing flow for your customers through optimised visual content, prices, currencies, taxes, measurements and weights, and product types.

e-Commerce Localisation For Your Target Market

Localising your eCommerce offerings for your brand’s target market couldn’t be more important in today’s competitive online world. Without properly localised content, it’s possible to alienate a whole section of your market due to irrelevant or even offensive content.

While social commerce is vital for eCommerce localisation for target markets, it’s imperative to choose the correct platforms for you. Determining where your prospective customers spend their time when they use social media is key to persuading them to visit your website through appropriate social content that has been localised to suit their specific preferences.

You can harness the power of visual content translation by using subtitles or voice dubbing, and translate images and infographics so that social media users from overseas can understand their context effortlessly by using translation Desktop Publishing / Typesetting.

Don’t forget, too, that a key factor in international eCommerce is ensuring that the date and time of your content have been adapted for overseas users. All of this works together to create a fully seamless experience that will appeal to visitors from all over the world.

Benefitting From Localised Social Commerce

It’s clear that social commerce has a vital role to play in any business’s marketing strategy, but ensuring that your content is properly localised is crucial if you want to appeal to the widest possible audience. Elite Asia can help with this thanks to our expertise in the translation industry.

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