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Why Localise Labels and Packaging?

Elite AsiaPharmaceuticalWhy Localise Labels and Packaging?
7 March 2023 Posted by eliteasia Pharmaceutical No Comments

In this modern society, where consumers started to pay more attention to mindful eating and a balanced diet, they became more aware of what they were putting into their bodies. This issue raises the need to provide accurate information regarding the content and nutritional facts of the products. Acquiring global consumers, localising not only the product labels and packaging but also marketing strategies, embracing the opportunity to seize a broader market by making your product globally accepted.

Reasons Why People Need to Know What They Consume

Even though some people might simply follow the trend of embracing a healthy lifestyle, providing accurate information regarding the nutritional facts and ingredients contained in a particular product would help gain the customer’s trust. Here are three main reasons people need to know what they consume.

  • Medical – a strict diet might apply to some people with a medical history. People who have any allergies to particular food or substance might need to know what contains in the food, medicine, or supplements. It is required for packaged foods to have labels containing the list of ingredients or components of the foods or medications.
  • Ethical and Sustainable – in certain beliefs, consuming a certain kind of food might be restricted or against the belief they are holding. Furthermore, with the rising awareness about sustainable living, people also started on particular diets such as vegan, plant-based, etc. Food manufacturers must follow the labelling guidelines in each county correctly, avoiding any misleading information.
  • Sport and Body Goals – while individuals might have various nutrition needs based on their goals. Athletes might need more protein. These athletes are most likely to look into protein content in the nutrition facts table printed on the packaging. Another example, actors and actresses might need to lose weight and reach specific body goals for their upcoming roles in the production.

The Importance of Localising Labels and Packaging

Localising labels and packaging certainly allows companies to reach an international consumer base, expand market share, and increase sales potential by accurately relaying important information in multiple languages. However, translating them into various languages extends more than just translating the product flavour, allergenic ingredients, or any other substances it might contain. Whether it is food, supplements, or medication, localised information might become crucial for both the consumer and the company. Businesses will need to research and identify the target market’s familiar or most used words right at the start of the translation project. In addition, the label and packaging regulations might differ from one country to another. People who know exactly what the content of the product is, are likely to develop trust and feel safe to consume the product, gaining customer satisfaction. Ultimately, this will be projected as a good result for the company’s sales.

Localising your label and packaging would add another value to your product, especially when you prepare your product to enter the global market. Our Multilingual Pharmaceutical Solution linguist team consists of many experienced and professional translators in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. We are here to ensure all the localised information will be accurate and acceptable to the target market.

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