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What Are Some Tech Trends Facing the Legal Profession

Elite AsiaLegalWhat Are Some Tech Trends Facing the Legal Profession
2 July 2020 Posted by eliteasia Legal No Comments

The legal industry might not have been the quickest off the bat when it comes to embracing new technology. However, over the last couple of years, law firms have started to take note of technology trends and started to implement innovative tools to accelerate efficiency. Of all the new tech trends in the industry, legal professionals find below technologies most applicable.

Legal Research and Document Review

Legal research is deemed as a crucial fundamental skill for new lawyers as they learn how to review documents properly. The problem is, particularly for newcomers, surfacing right cases to support arguments is a difficult task. The advancement of software that sifts through research is certainly becoming pivotal. With AI-powered software, the efficiency and accuracy of legal research is vastly improved and can be undertaken in a fraction of time. This software marks documents that are relevant to the case in question and make use of its algorithms to find other potentially useful documents. It enhances the chance of winning for the law company as research efficiency optimized.

Voice Typing

Report-writing is always regarded as the most tedious task for most lawyers. Often taking a few hours of a law professional’s day, this could soon become a thing of the past thanks to voice typing software. Dictation technology facilitates writing, editing and even grammatical errors correction, generating a more finessed document as fast as one speaks.

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AI Apps Giving Legal Advice

One of the most exciting tech trends to hit the legal profession are AI legal advising application. These robots are programmed with a large amount of data, which allows them to understand questions and identify the appropriate response. Law firms can add a chat robot to company websites where routine enquires can be answered. It helps save significant time and effort, as well as improve billable hours so that lawyers can focus on cases that need more attention. Even better, the 24/7 chatbot can deal with the inquiries outside normal office hour.

Legal Outcome Prediction

Probability of winning a case maybe the most common question, yet it is difficult to answer depending on the complexity. Thanks to the prediction software which will search through thousands of trials, lawyers can give their clients a more accurate and informed prediction.

Online Law Education

Fresh-graduated law students may think that university education has equipped them with competencies of being a lawyer. However, in most cases, time-consuming and costly on-job training is inevitable when they step into the legal profession.
There are now numerous online education tools that aim to teach new skills and knowledge to the juniors globally where Elite Asia can assist with, adapting to the legal world. With Elite Asia’s Multilingual E-Learning solutions, the law students are able to undertake trainings in their native languages without any barriers to ensure great impact and retention. These tools are also useful to established lawyers as add-on skills.

Technology might have been an unaccustomed concept for the traditional legal industry. Instead, attorneys now find these new technologies necessitous for their high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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