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Trends on Gaming and Machine Translation

Elite AsiaGamingTrends on Gaming and Machine Translation
17 July 2020 Posted by eliteasia Gaming Technology No Comments

Although there is a lot of glitz and glamour in the film and music industries, the booming gaming industry has silently taken over the entertainment world. With the help of emerging technologies and new ideas, the industry is forecast to be worth USD$300 billion by 2025.

What causes the boom

Free-to-play, a significant driving force of the booming gaming industry, is a new model of gaming which emerged in the last several years. One may think that companies cannot make much money off of them as the game is completely free to download and play. Quite the contrary, the high demand for in-game items which can be purchased with real money becomes a veritable source of revenue. Advancement of technology is another key factor. Prevalence of handheld device, advancement of graphics technology and development of game streaming platform set the industry to go viral.

Boost by new technologies

The gigantic technological leap in the past few decades fuels the growth of the industry. When smartphones have become an inseparable part in our lives, mobile apps have greatly helped game developers reach out to new players without a hitch. As augmented reality and virtual reality technology being integrated into game development, it helps create an innovating and immersive experience for players. Massively multiplayer online gaming (MMOG) technology serves as another stimulus. In a world emphasizing on networking, MMOG is undoubtedly more captivating than traditional single player games as players can compete with others from all over the world.

Way to capture the ‘soul’

After all, gaming is all about immersion. Localisation is the key to avoid kicking players out of the virtual world. To provide authentic gaming experience for the players who would not have found themselves relatable to the original work culture, it is crucial to capture the nuance in the translation. Only by altering necessary cultural, geographical, or even ideological aspects, can the translation recreate the game’s captivating atmosphere. Elite Asia assigns conscientious language translators who have a keen sense of language and cultural contexts for your project. Adaptation with human touch is vital to help introduce the game to new players from different cultural background as if it were tailor-made for them.

In hope of creating a successful game, developers need to focus on each individual local markets. Localising the game aided with computer-assisted translation tool is an indispensable move to help break into untapped markets and access to new gamers.

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