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Transform Legal Business with These Technologies

Elite AsiaLegalTransform Legal Business with These Technologies
1 March 2022 Posted by eliteasia Legal Technology No Comments

Digital transformation in the legal industry means digitising every aspect of legal procedures, such as engagement with clients, workflow and service delivery. Enduring the consequences of the pandemic like any other industry, legal technologies, digitisation and AI tools became the new norm for law firms.

Website localisation

Reaching new customers in different market is the goal for every business, and the legal industry is no exception. By building a multilingual website, it helps increase the company’s global presence and reach new target customers more effectively. Localising the website into different languages also improves the SEO, driving more traffic and expanding its reach. A multilingual law firm client portal works as an excellent platform for attorney-client communications and shared documents. Clients are able to supply their information and the legal professionals could discuss and share their ideas through portal communication. It simplifies and streamlines the collaboration process, enhancing trust of the clients by providing services with their mother tongues.

Online legal document translation

Patents, contracts, wills and testaments, birth certificates, immigrations documents, litigation are common documents requiring translation. Dense with legalese and terms which are unique to the legal profession, legal documents are hard enough to understand. While free automated translation systems nowadays are still unlikely to be able to comprehend complex legal terms, finding a linguist with a solid grasp of the legal language and terminology is essential to ensure the accuracy of the translation. With just a few clicks, users can upload the document to the translation company’s platform and obtain a quotation. With the help of technologies such as translation memory, the appointed linguist is able to deliver error-free translation with a short turnaround time and protect client’s confidential information upon signing a non-disclosure agreement.

AI transcription

From footages of evidence, audio investigative clips to video recordings, these are critical materials for all legal proceedings. It was a notoriously tedious process to manually transcribe the audio and video file recordings. Now AI legal transcriptions offer high-quality word-to-word transcripts almost instantly, slashing the time and cost comparing to the traditional practice. The automatically generated timestamping serves as an added advantage, evaluating the sequence of events and providing high searchability features. Instead of catching every word spoken in the court, AI transcription software allows court reporters to focus on editing and errors correcting. The speech-to-text engine dramatically reduces the time for the court reporter to produce crucial transcriptions, such as preliminary hearings and trial transcriptions, which attorneys rely on during a proceeding.

Remote interpretation

Remote court interpreting is an on-demand service that provides telecommunication between the clients and the legal interpreter via a conferencing facility. Providing interpretation through a remote or off-site interpreter, it helps meet local COVID-19 social distancing restrictions and protect people from infection. As remote interpreters do not need to be in the same physical location, it saves the travelling time and expenses as well as increasing the flexibility of scheduling.

Being one of the core services, Elite Asia has been providing quality multilingual legal solutions for decades and named as a top-rated localisation company in Asia. The linguistic team specialised in the legal industry is committed to delivering error-free translations and all-round services that are specific to client’s requirements and deadline.

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