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Trademark Translation Overseas

Elite AsiaCertified TranslationTrademark Translation Overseas

If you’re expanding your business to an overseas market, you’re probably already aware of the importance of translating your web content to meet the needs of an international audience. However, one aspect you may have overlooked is translating your company’s trademark for use abroad. Here is why you need trademark translation.

Trademark – A Definition

A trademark may be several things – a product name, a business name, a slogan, signs, product shapes, and more. Essentially, your trademark is any symbol, design element, or signature attribute that identifies your services and products as uniquely your own.

What Is the Function of a Trademark?

The entire purpose of a trademark is to identify your products and their origin while also guaranteeing their quality. Furthermore, a trademark advertises and represents your product, creating a clear image of it in the public’s minds. When you have a trademark, you’re protecting your brand’s identity – after all, when your company can be easily recognised you have an edge in the market. Having a clear and unique trademark ensures that no other business can use the same slogans, signs, name, or product shapes and thus profit from your success.

Why Should You Register for A Trademark Overseas?

Many people think that a trademark will be recognised everywhere but, in fact, this isn’t the case. Trademarks are actually territorial, so it is only protected within the country where it was registered. Therefore, when your business expands overseas, it’s vital to establish your trademark in every country that you enter in order to experience the benefits.

However, to register your trademark overseas, an international trademark registration certified translation service will be required.

Why Does My Trademark Need Translation?

Not only is it important to legally protect your brand name, slogans, signs, and other key trademarked company items, but you must also present those elements to prospective customers overseas in a way that makes sense to them.

It couldn’t be more imperative to ensure that the definition that you intend to portray is being retained. Yet, while this may seem simple, in fact, it can sometimes prove to be extremely challenging.

Simply directly translating from one language to another without any consideration for context or cultural differences can be highly problematic. For example, what happens when you need to translate written words into a language with an entirely different character set, such as English and Mandarin? Transliteration can be a disaster without help from professional language and translation experts.

In some cases, a character, colour, or phrase will have an entirely different meaning in another language or culture. In such cases, something new may need to be created in order to have success in the new market. This is why working with professional translators is so vital. These potential issues can be identified at an early stage and mitigated before they cause problems.

It’s also important to do sufficient research into trademarks when expanding internationally. It’s important to avoid any existing trademarks that are too similar to your own, and to select a translation for your trademark that can be pronounced easily in the case of taglines and brand names.

Furthermore, when you need to register your trademark abroad, getting help from translation professionals who are experienced in legal matters is key since using certified translation services is often necessary when submitting registration documents.

Not only that, but it will save you money by ensuring your trademark registration won’t fail.

The Importance of Using a Professional Language Service Provider

With all the above in mind, it’s easy to see why using a team of professional language service providers is so essential. It can prevent any negative associated meanings in the target language from being attached to your product which could damage sales.

It can also ensure that your brand can be easily recognised and won’t be confused with any existing companies in the international marketplace.

Elite Asia is on hand to assist with all your trademark translation needs, providing a high-quality, professional service.

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