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Things to Note for Government Translation

Elite AsiaLegalThings to Note for Government Translation
28 August 2020 Posted by eliteasia Legal No Comments

With the rise in globalisation, there are more migrations present around the world. Governments around the world see the needs to cater to more cultures and languages, boosting the demand of government translation. Below is a list that consist of what should be taken into consideration when translating for the government.

Understand the Culture of the Country

Things to Note for Government Translation - significance of the cultures around the world.

Most countries have become more diverse, making the amount of languages spoken in a country increases. Possessing the knowledge of local culture is crucial as it plays an important role in language. Therefore, even if a translator is fluent in the grammar and phrasing of another language, the translation will still sound foreign if cultural background is not taken into consideration.

Localisation is the first step in improving the quality of government translations as word by word translation is not desirable when dealing with cultural issues. Translators should implement localisation skill, enabling them to view the perspective of the local people, in order to stay true to the original message while create a parallel compelling translation.

Handle Sensitive Documents with Caution

Things to Note for Government Translation - Confidential Documents

All governments have set stringent rules to prevent any leakage of information as documents are linked to administration policies, financial details or even national security issues. Leakage of documents can lead to irreversible consequences which are meant to be kept confidential and secure. Professional language service providers should require concerned translators to sign non-disclosure contracts before kicking off the project. Translation memory used should be stored privately and inaccessible to third parties. Elite Asia’s machine translation post-editing service provides client with a hassle-free approach to translate huge amounts of content in a short turnaround time with high security.

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Avoid Using Open Software

Things to Note for Government Translation - digital interaction related to software

It is understandable for ones to use an open software as the internet is filled with tempting free translation solutions. It, sadly, always come at the expense of internet security. Open software ultimately exposes the government to the risk of IP infringement and data leakage. An example of leakage of information is the Singhealth cyber-attack that resulted in 1.5 million patients’ particulars getting stolen after the database was hacked. This incident reinforces the need of using a secured translation software in order to keep information secure.

Government documents stretch across different types of context, including marketing, financial, legal and so on. Linguists should withhold relevant knowledge with high-level security clearances in order to complete such sensitive projects requiring a high degree of confidentiality, readability and expedited turnaround.

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