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Things to Learn from Successful E-Commerce Websites

Elite AsiaRetail & E-commerceThings to Learn from Successful E-Commerce Websites
10 November 2020 Posted by eliteasia Retail & E-commerce No Comments

E-commerce has been picking up the pace in recent years, and then COVID-19 has massively accelerated the rapid growth of this digital solution. From international retail giants to local small brands, all businesses are making every endeavour to establish their online presence. To stand out from the sea of e-commerce websites, there are some elements that business can learn from the industry leaders.

Cause-driving Marketing

A shift in consumer behaviour can be seen in the last few years, especially for young consumers. Consumers are demanding more, and product quality and price are no longer their only considerations. The political stance of the company, responses to social issues, and core values and beliefs of the brand have become a source of influence on consumers and their buying behaviour.

TOMS is one of the shining examples. Its “Buy one give one” and “End gun violence” campaign have successfully drawn attention and customers love brands supporting the same issues or beliefs as them. The retailer lays the message out clearly on their webpage by inserting an advertisement in the middle of the page and links for donation or other related products. Slogans like “Every purchase has a purpose” can be seen at different step of the buying process to reinforce the message and ensure consistency for consumers.

Culture Consideration and Copy-writing Techniques

Apple’s advertisements and copies are always highly appraised. The tech giant hires local writers to ensure the copy is written in the same effective manner in every language with the consistent key message. Take the Southeast Asia market as an example. Apple recognises the local cultural and language difference between China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, even these three regions are all using Chinese. Copies appeal to both emotions and convince logic, using the latest slangs or idioms which are peculiar to that market. Elite Asia’s linguists have a deep understanding of language and its primary function, creating compelling marketing materials that suit your needs.

The layout of Chinese webpage is consistent with others, instead of following the “cluttered” style of the conventional Chinese website design. It is to provide a sense of uniqueness, innovation and foreignness which are great appeal to Chinese customers.

Community for Customers

Learning about your customers is important and Amazon is taking it to a new level. It offers a question-and-answer section allowing shoppers to ask specific questions before purchasing. The e-commerce leader also uses different strategies to build its customer community. As customers prefer product feedback from real buyers, Amazon asks recent customers to rate and review their experience. These strategies make it possible for buyers to rely on other customers for information, reading about honest and experience from other customers and not just Amazon. As a global company targeting at customers from all around the world, Amazon provides instant translation for the reviews, bridging the language barrier between customers.

Customer trust contributes to the conversion rate as much as the product itself. Be innovative and vigilant about different local cultures when creating e-commerce websites in order to win trust and loyalty from customers. 

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