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The Role of Transcription Services for Legal Courts

Elite AsiaCertified TranslationThe Role of Transcription Services for Legal Courts

When it comes to legal matters in the courts, transcription services have a vital role to play since vital evidence needs to be preserved. In Singapore, recorded evidence on paper is usually required to be in the English language, ensuring that key testimonies can be retained and kept on file. Using the services of a trusted transcription company is, therefore, crucial to ensure accuracy and quality.

The Languages In Singapore

There are four official languages in Singapore: Tamil, Malay, Chinese, and English. Based on the Department of Statistics in Singapore, a census of population 2020, almost half of residents speak English as their home language, while Mandarin is also frequently spoken as either a first or second language. Nevertheless, there is a significant percentage of the population that speak unofficial languages. For example, almost 9% of residents speak Chinese dialects. That means legal evidence may be given in a wide variety of languages, including those that are not official. A Certified Transcription and Translation will give maximum confidence that the evidence produced, regardless of the language, is correct and accurate.

Technological Advancements in Court Transcription

When legal cases use evidence in a video or audio format, transcription services are necessary so that everything that has been said in testimony can be checked easily on paper. If the video or audio evidence is in another language, it is even more crucial to have a transcribed version for everyone involved in the court case to read and understand.

Thanks to the latest technology, there are some translation services which are capable of using tools like speech recognition and AI to transcribe recordings with long durations in order to expedite the process. However, to ensure high quality and accuracy, human transcribers or transcriptionists need to further proofread the text, comparing it manually with the original video or audio recording to make sure that it is correct before submission. Human transcribers can also add in gesture information which is unable to be processed using AI.

With a certified transcription service, a professional transcriber will be able to guarantee that the video or audio content transcribed is accurate so that the officials of the court can trust the evidence’s quality.

The Role of Transcription Services in the Legal Industry

Transcription services across the legal industry are extremely beneficial since they help greatly in obtaining a more in-depth understanding of the evidence given in a video or audio recorded court proceeding, producing the information in an easy-to-read format that is simple for lawyers to comprehend.

Lawyers can use a legal transcription to analyse data progression alongside an events timeline with speaker identification and timestamps, simplifying the process of presenting recordings in court as evidence.

When recordings are professionally and accurately transcribed, they form the best possible defence tool for lawyers to use when creating a case to refute allegations from the opposition. Thanks to their efficient format, they allow legal professionals to prepare questions and responses that will enable them to win their cases.

One of the greatest benefits of transcribed legal files is the ability to highlight the key elements of the documentation, which is, of course, impossible with an audio file. As a result, lawyers can keep on track of crucial facts and stay updated on all new components of their case. With professionally transcribed files, complex cases become much easier to handle and review, even those that involve multiple police reports and witnesses.

When the transcription is certified, it acts as a guarantee that the evidence is accurately and reliably transcribed from its original language and anyone utilising it to come to a decision in the legal case can trust it as correct. It also clarifies any ambiguous or unclear audio, thus reducing the risk of its misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

In Singapore, it is often required that evidence provided in court is translated into English and supplied as a certified transcription, therefore using the services of an expert certified transcription provider like Elite Asia is crucial. As specialists in the field, our team provide reliable and highly accurate certified transcriptions to meet all your legal requirements.

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