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The Rising Popularity of Travel Insurance

Elite AsiaInsuranceThe Rising Popularity of Travel Insurance
14 February 2023 Posted by eliteasia Insurance Tourism No Comments

After almost 3 years of living with travel restrictions due to the pandemic, the world is finally starting to open up the border again. With all the travel fever during COVID-19, the travel industry is now rebounding at a really fast pace. However, travellers are more cautious now and some countries might require travellers to have travel insurance before issuing a visitor visa.

The Importance of Having a Travel Insurance

Travelling has become an important part of life as people around the world are keen to broaden their knowledge about other countries, cultures, and networks, and to experience more about a new place and new environment. Whether it is for business, leisure, or family reunion, taking a plane, a bus, a train, or a car trip, every travel plan might have hiccups. To avoid any unnecessary things disrupting your travel plan, travel insurance could help you to minimise the risks. Here are some reasons why is it important to have travel insurance:

  • Medical Emergencies – while travelling, it is important to be aware of the potential risks of accidents or falling ill. Medical emergencies abroad might be very pricey as travellers are not local, or the health insurance the travellers hold might not cover the particular country. 
  • Cover Lost Item – having travel insurance protects you from financial loss if any of your belongings are lost during the journey. For example, when you are on a business trip for a meeting, but your suitcase is missing, travel insurance could provide the reimbursement so that you can buy a new outfit for the meeting.
  • Cover Trip Disruption – when you bought a non-refundable ticket but the transportation provider cancelled the trip due to a forced major, travel insurance would cover you (as per the terms and conditions of the insurance you bought).
  • As One of The Requirements to Apply for Visas or Entry Requirements – even before the pandemic, for all passport holders from certain countries, it is mandatory to have travel insurance to apply for Visas. Moreover, to prevent and control COVID-19 spread, now some countries even add this requirement to enter their countries. 

Travel Insurance Translation Services

The increasing demand for travel insurance has become an opportunity for insurance companies to compete and make their insurance product as appealing as possible. Aside from adding services covered in the package, translating the marketing tool is also crucial. This is to assure that the insurer delivers the message accurately to the policyholders and has all the documents ready in various languages to make it easier for policyholders to understand or even to smooth the claim process. Furthermore, it has even become one of the selling points to have your insurance marketing campaign in multiple languages as it will boost the reach for sales.  

Building Trust and Mutual Understanding With the Policyholders

Having the insurance policy translated into customers’ preferred language could add another layer of trust that could be a determining factor in buying travel insurance. Moreover, having the travel insurance translated minimises the risk of misunderstanding between the insurers and the policyholders. It would also ensure that the policyholders know and understand exactly what their travel insurance covers to make the claim process less frustrating and smooth.

In Elite Asia, we provide a multilingual insurance solution where our team of professional experienced linguists translates insurance-related documents including travel insurance booklets, claim forms, contracts, and other forms. It is our utmost priority to deliver an accurate and reliable translation for your company to expand your business not just locally but also internationally.

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