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The Importance of Cultural Competence in Healthcare

Elite AsiaPharmaceuticalThe Importance of Cultural Competence in Healthcare
28 July 2020 Posted by eliteasia Pharmaceutical No Comments

The world grows to be more and more diverse each day, affecting every aspect of our lives. Healthcare is one of the industries experiencing this major impact the most. Sadly, it is also the one lagging behind in terms of diversity increasing adaptability. Healthcare is culturally incompetent, and efforts need to be put in to turn that incompetence into competence. Only then will it be possible for healthcare organisations and providers to deliver their services effectively.

Meeting the needs of patients

Healthcare providers should be able to meet patients’ cultural, social and linguistic needs. It is only when patients feel that they are respected, will they truly communicating in a more transparent manner. Respecting patients’ customs, traditions, values and beliefs can reduce  disparities in the healthcare sector which affect ethnic and cultural minorities.

Facilitating communication

Currently, one of the greatest factors driving cultural incompetence in the industry is the lack of diversity. This is followed by the lack of care systems and improper communication between providers and patients from varying ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

To overcome these challenges, service providers should hire or promote workers from minority groups. Programs that support minority leadership should also be established and improved. Setting up a community or patient feedback system allowing patients to voice out their problems and concerns is another solution.

Getting assistance from language service sector

Utilising technological tools that aid translation and interpretation is a desirable way to address gaps in communication. Hiring a translator or translation services can be of immense help. Professional translation services can help create medical literature such as journals, brochures, and other materials, which can educate patients and instill trust in them. Elite Asia’s copywriting experts can produce almost any type of content, conveying the message accurately and professionally. Localising the website content can increase the provider’s visibility among ethnically diverse groups as well. Interpretation service is vital to help facilitate communication between ethnically-diverse patients and medical service providers.

In conclusion, healthcare organisations must make it a point to stay updated about patient needs. Being culturally competent is undoubtedly crucial. Authorities must invest in proper employee training programs if they intend to cater to a multi-cultural patient group while eliminating bias and insensitivity.

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