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Text VS Video – A War that Cannot Be Won for Your Subtitling Localisation

Elite AsiaSubtitlingText VS Video – A War that Cannot Be Won for Your Subtitling Localisation
22 April 2019 Posted by eliteasia Subtitling No Comments

When it comes to the war between text and video, for text, it’s a war that cannot be won. Let’s face it – video is simply the better of the two mediums. It may not be easy to engage in video marketing, but it’s worth all the effort for your Subtitling Localisation.

Statistically speaking, over 70% of marketers state that videos offer a higher conversion rate than any other content format, especially text. This is because humans are visual creatures, and we find videos to be more engaging and relatable.

Videos, to put it in a nutshell, push people further down the sales funnel. Let’s explore further why video should be your ‘go to’ format for content marketing.

Numbers don’t lie

As stated earlier, a video offers a higher conversion rate. More importantly, it’s the most popular content format. It has clearly overtaken text in recent years as the preferred marketing medium. The average consumer consumes 206 videos in a month.

A majority of senior marketing executives agree that when a topic is presented in text and video form, consumers will choose the latter.

Video brings together all other mediums

Video has the unique ability to combine all the other mediums. For instance, it offers audio as well. You can even combine still imagery with video, such as an infographic, to explain your message in more detail. This “combining of powers” isn’t possible with any other format.

This capability alone puts video on top of the content format hierarchy. It makes it much more effective in terms of communicating the message and the meaning behind the message. So, if you had to choose one format for your marketing campaign, we would suggest sticking to video.

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Impactful Subtitling Localisation

In this day and age of global commerce, all businesses need to localise their marketing campaigns. Video offers a unique advantage here. Of course, you could argue that text can be translated. But the text is just text at the end of the day. Even if it does undergo translation, the impact does not change.

Video, on the other hand, offers a greater impact in general. But you can improve its impact further by choosing your method of translation or localisation. For instance, you can rely on dubbing to get the message across. Or, you can engage in subtitling localisation.

This is a cheaper option because you don’t have to spend money on creating a new video or dubbing the voiceover in a new language. Contextual subtitling localisation can achieve the same objective with minimal expenditure.


The conclusion is clear as daylight. Video is a versatile medium that can be leveraged in various ways to achieve your business goals. It is a “weapon of mass destruction” in the battle of content formats and marketers today would be wise to leverage it.

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