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Should I Choose On-site Interpreting or Remote Interpreting For My Event?

Elite AsiaInterpretationShould I Choose On-site Interpreting or Remote Interpreting For My Event?
8 June 2022 Posted by eliteasia Interpretation No Comments

When you’re hosting an event that requires interpretation, it can be difficult to choose between on-site interpreting or remote interpreting. Both options offer their own advantages, but the right one for your event will depend on the situation and your requirements. Here, we take a closer look at the differences between the two, and how to make a well-informed decision based on your needs.

Difference Between Remote Interpreting And On-site Interpreting

Sometimes known as over-the-phone interpreting, virtual interpreting or remote interpreting involves interpreting using the telephone or the internet. There is a platform called FUZON, which is a remote conference interpreting platform that supports both Over-the-phone Interpreting (OPI) and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI). Meanwhile, on-site interpreting involves an interpreter being physically present alongside the speaker.

Why Do We Need Remote Interpreting?

There are two main reasons why remote interpreting is so beneficial. Firstly, it gives easy access to translation to people all over the world as it simply isn’t always possible to have a physical interpreter onsite when they are needed most.

Secondly, using a remote translation service helps to guard against overcrowding at events – something that has become a significant concern since the COVID-19 pandemic.

All cities, states, and countries now have their own regulations regarding maximum room capacities due to Coronavirus rules, and by preventing large crowds from forming, both visitors and organisers of events can be kept safe from diseases that may be transmitted by contact, air or droplets.

Some of the situations where remote interpreting is especially useful include:

  • Seminars and webinars
  • Online training sessions
  • Product demonstrations or launches
  • International virtual meetings

A remote interpreting solution brings many advantages over on-site interpreting. Some of the most obvious include:

It’s possible to save both money and time since the event site is on a laptop or phone, giving the flexibility to access the translation at any time and in any place.

It’s an excellent solution for international webinars where attendees may be located all over the globe.

It’s a perfect choice if you need to hire an interpreter at the last moment.

The Good Thing About On-site Interpreting

There are now some countries around the world that have begun to move into COVID-19’s endemic phase, and some are beginning to live with Coronavirus. That has led to some organisations now beginning to create events that need to run onsite, with organisers being required to respect all relevant regulations and protocols. At those events, on-site interpreting is often an excellent choice.

Some of the situations where on-site interpreting is often the best option include:

On-site interpreting offers some key advantages over remote interpreting in that the interpreter is physically present and is able to create visual impressions and use gestures to make the context of what they are translating even more clear.

Furthermore, on-site interpreting provides a clearer quality as sound since there can be no technical issues due to poor quality equipment, sound problems, or internet failures that could result in misinterpretations. Elite Asia is an excellent choice for both on-site interpreting and remote interpreting thanks to the impressive skills of their linguist team. With a capability of interpreting around 70 languages, Elite Asia is your number one for all your translation needs.

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