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E-Commerce Localisation

For any e-commerce business looking to expand globally, there is one large block on your road to success. That is, language! To successfully sell your product across multiple countries, you have to showcase that product in the native language of the countries in question. Which is where e-commerce localisation comes in, helping your brand and sales grow successfully overseas.

So, what is e-commerce localisation? Well, in simple terms, it is the process of translating all of your product descriptions into the language of the country where you wish to sell that product. This involves more than just a language change, though, as it’s important any translation also takes into account cultural accuracies and local sensitivities.

e-commerce localisation
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Why Choose E-Commerce Localisation?

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Establish Integration

  • The process starts by setting up the tasks for the localisation and integration process
  • This will involve exporting/importing the product files to be translated.

Experience Proof-Of-Concept

  • This will involve reviewing the performance results of the localisation
  • As well as gaining approval to go ahead with the localisation production.

Execute Localisation

  • Once agreed upon, online localisation resources are committed and reviewed
  • The localisation process is then executed and the project status updated.

Evaluate Outcome(s)

  • The scope of the task is evaluated and feedback received from the monitoring of project deliverables.

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For any enquiries or quotations pertaining to e-Commerce Localisation Solution, get in touch with our localisation solutions department who can provide you with a quote. Simply Contact Us or Request A Quote directly.


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