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Powerful Ways to Launch Your Pharma Product

Elite AsiaPharmaceuticalPowerful Ways to Launch Your Pharma Product
18 October 2022 Posted by eliteasia Pharmaceutical No Comments

Pharma products such as drugs, health products, vitamins, minerals, eye products and skincare require special attention to detail when marketing them internationally, so taking the time to do it right will go a long way to translating into successful sales. Product launch is an incredibly important part of the pharmaceutical industry, with around 20% of sales relying on new products. Achieving a successful product launch is a complex mission with several factors to keep in mind, let’s explore what they are.

Why Multilingual Product Launching?

Localisation is essential for any brand, especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Launching a new successful pharma product requires transcreation of marketing and branding strategies in all international markets, as well as proper adaptation of all details pertaining to the product to ensure it complies with international regulations.

This goes above and beyond simply translating your existing copy; all changes must accommodate the subtle cultural nuances of other markets and make your prospective clientele feel like the product was designed specifically with them in mind. This is key if you’re going to successfully target your demographic in a way which relates to them, rather than simply being one part of an international strategy.

Pre-Product Launch Checklist

This is how to implement a powerful product launch and future-proof your pharma product:

  • Create a multilingual web page: your site’s main page is the face of your business, especially when operating overseas. Ensure customers in all territories can find the information they need with the watertight translation of all branding content and key information. Research keywords for each individual campaign, taking the time to research competitors’ keywords.
  • Perfect your product packaging: there is no room for error when it comes to pharmaceutical labels and packaging, so ensure you use a reputable translation service.
  • Develop video content: videos that promote or offer a guide to your product are a powerful way to boost engagement and add credibility. Subtitling or dubbing those videos for different audiences will likely help increase your product’s exposure in each country.
  • Concentrate on the legal stuff: file patents to protect your product – these are different from one country to the next as they need to comply with local regulations.
  • Accommodate different markets in your events: seek suitable interpreting services for your events. For big events, consider using simultaneous interpreting; for smaller events, use consecutive interpreting – these can both be using remote interpreters.
  • Post-product launching: the process does not stop until the product is launched. Research, surveys and data analysis are needed to develop your product.

Product Launch Success with Elite Asia

By following this checklist you’ll build a watertight product launch that stands a high chance of success in both domestic and international markets.

With so many factors to consider before your product is launched, we recommend employing the help of localisation specialists like Elite Asia. We are experts in all kinds of transcreation solutions and can guide you through each of the important phases of product launch planning. Explore our various services and see how we can help boost your pharma business today.

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