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Clients Success Stories in Malaysia

Elite AsiaClients Success Stories in Malaysia

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Herbalife Ltd. is a global nutrition company with over 8,200 employees worldwide. The Company develops and sells weight management, healthy meals and snacks, sports and fitness, energy and targeted nutritional products, as well as personal care products. Its operating segments are based on geographical operations in six regions: North America; Mexico; South and Central America; Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); Asia Pacific, and China.

As of 31 December 2016, Herbalife marketed and sold approximately $4.5 billion worth of products encompassing over 4,700 stock keeping units (SKUs) globally. Its product categories include meal replacement; protein shakes; drink mixes; dietary and nutritional supplements containing herbs, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients; facial skin care; body care; hair care products; sales tools, and educational materials.

In addition to my role in sales analysis, I’m a part of the committee organising events for our independent Members. During these events, we invite speakers to share successful experiences, give motivational speeches, and impart sales strategies to our attendees. I also take part in materials translation.

  • Categories : Pharmaceutical
  • Client : Herbalife Malaysia - Mr. Chua Kian Hooi, Assistant Manager, Sales Analysis

During these events, some speakers may hail from either English speaking countries or non-English speaking countries. On the other hands, some attendees might speak English, some are more comfortable in Malay or Mandarin, whichever is their mother tongue.

We believe the quality of our products and the effectiveness of our distribution network have been the primary reasons for our success throughout our 38-year history. These events to our distribution network are significant avenues where we go beyond sharing product knowledge and ensuring the success of our Members. Thus, it’s imperative that our attendees have full understanding of the events’ topics in order for them to reap the benefits of the tailored event agenda.

When Elite Translations Malaysia took charge of Simultaneous Interpreting during these events, the attendees were able to gain a better understanding of the content of the various talks and thus further strengthen their sales and customer relations. We believe that this deeper understanding is invaluable to the success of both Herbalife Malaysia and our Members.

We have been partnering with Elite Translations Malaysia to help us with Simultaneous Interpreting for these events. In addition, we are working with them on our future materials translation. Their ability to adapt quickly to the event proceedings, professionalism, and dedication to making sure our events run smoothly without any interpretation hitches impress us the most.

The three words to describe our experience with Elite Translations Malaysia will be

  • Resourceful
  • Helpful
  • Flexibility

We appreciate and are pleased to share our Clients Success Stories. Elite Translations Malaysia, our primary reason to exist is for our clients. We value the relationship we have with them and will act for their benefit. We take our job seriously in creating professional communications that helps businesses to converse more effectively, efficiently and be consistently relevant to their target audiences.