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Clients Success Stories in Hong Kong

Elite AsiaClients Success Stories in Hong Kong

Short Description

LAUT is a consumer goods brand, specialising in accessories for consumer tech, such as iPhone cases. With over 10 years of experience in tech accessories creation, LAUT combines fashion and function catering to customers’ needs.

LAUT is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with other offices in Hong Kong and the USA globally.

Andy Clarke is Head of Design here at LAUT, so he is responsible for everything involved with product creation, brand and communication, globally. Part of that involves managing the creation of all product packaging and marketing materials.

Aside from translation accuracy, (which is assumed as a must for every client), job turn around is absolutely critical
for LAUT. So the client needs to constantly select language partners based on the responsiveness and understanding of market demands. Another challenge is a thorough understanding of the cultural context and nuance. A group of professional linguists and editors should be appointed to help eliminate errors and off-brand messages caused by a lack of cultural nuance.

In order to deliver the project on time, Elite Asia deploys:

  • Translation, Editing and Proofreading (TEP) process comprises of 3 linguists, 1 editor and 1 proofreader supported by the TMS
  • Dynamic updated translation memories and glossaries, an exclusive technology built by a team of experienced linguists ensures consistent translation can be completed in a timely manner
  • A dedicated account manager to answer questions, attend to the needs, and monitor the project from beginning to end

There have been cases where LAUT has won business, simply because LAUT is able to get the product samples in-front of the customers before the competition. Having the accurate translations ready on time, as promised, certainly contributes to LAUT’s ability to do this.

The three words to describe the experience with Elite Asia will be

  • Accurate
  • Fast
  • Simple

We appreciate and are pleased to share our Clients Success Stories. Elite Asia, our primary reason to exist is for our clients. We value the relationship we have with them and will act for their benefit. We take our job seriously in creating professional communications that helps businesses to converse more effectively, efficiently and be consistently relevant to their target audiences.