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Personal Document Translation

Elite AsiaCertified TranslationPersonal Document Translation
15 March 2022 Posted by eliteasia Certified Translation No Comments

Translation of personal document is usually required by government organisations with a different official language. For the purpose such as immigration and job searches, certified translation is often required, guaranteeing that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original. A standard set of required documents include identity card, driving license, medical certificates and so on.

Personal document examples

Identity card, evolved from a simple paper with glued photograph to a polycarbonate card embedding electronics, is issued by the government authority, identifying a person with certainty. It typically includes one’s full name, date of birth, a digital photograph, nationality, signature and fingerprint scans. Containing one’s personal data, ID card translation is necessary when applying for a visa or passport.

A driving license is a document to notify law enforcement personnel that the holder is legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle. In some countries, a current driving license is also an accepted form of identification as it displays the holder’s personal information and a picture. To drive a private motor vehicle in other country or jurisdiction, an international driving permit is required. A translation of the original driving license is needed for application if it is not written in one of the official languages of the destination country. It may also be a necessary document for motor insurance application.

A medical certificate or hospitalisation certificate is to certify the date of attendance, hospitalisation period, sick leave granted and other treatment details. This written certificate is usually issued by the attending doctor during consultation. It is an essential document serving various purposes, including immigration, job searches and study abroad.

The importance of certifying

A certified translation is usually required when the document is used in formal procedures such as immigration, legal proceedings and study abroad application. As requirements vary widely from country to country, a certified translation may not be necessary in all circumstances. Yet, it is worthwhile to prepare a certified translation. Handling by a qualified certified translator with extensive training and experience, accuracy is guaranteed and the risk of rejection is eliminated.

It is understandable for people to believe that online free translation tools are adequate to translate personal documents such as ID card or birth certificate as they only consist of a dozen of words. Such software are undeniably some perfect tools for daily use, but the confidentiality is compromised. Storing the input text in order to improve the performance, the confidential information is then open to public and someone can take advantage of the data at worst. Powered by machine translation, the translation may not be 100% accurate for both content and format, increasing the probability of rejection from the authorities. 

To avoid all the above-mentioned concerns, it is worthwhile to appoint a trusted language service provider to handle the task, providing an accurate translation with the strictest standards of privacy. The company is also able to provide certified translation and notarisation services under one roof if necessary. Elite Asia’s linguist team takes confidentiality as the biggest concern and is committed to protecting client’s confidential information upon signing a non-disclosure agreement.

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