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Online Birth Certificate Translation

Elite AsiaCertified TranslationOnline Birth Certificate Translation
31 December 2021 Posted by eliteasia Certified Translation No Comments

With countries and communities around the world being more connected, wishing to start a new life in a whole new direction or dreaming of tying the knot in an exotic locale is no longer inaccessible. To prepare a proper birth certificate is an important step for immigration, study aboard or overseas marriage registration.

When do you need a birth certificate translation?

Birth certificate translation is often required for a number of personal, academic and professional purposes, and necessary for nearly all immigration translation needs. It is used for a procedure aboard to prove your identity, age or family information to foreign authorities.

Common situations that require a birth certificate translation includes:

  • Visa or residency application
  • School enrollment
  • Driving license application
  • Passport application
  • Marriage

Why should you choose online birth certificate translation?

Upon sending the birth certificate to a language service provider online, a professional translator among a team of linguists, who is native in the target language, will be assigned to handle the project, making online birth certificate translation available in any language combination.

Operating 24/7 online, the original birth certificate is transmitted to the translator in just a few clicks through the platform. The translation is usually ready in digital format in a matter of days followed by a seamless online payment. Express shipping for a hard copy is also possible within 48 hours.

Online birth certificate translation is also reliable and competent as language service providers ensure secure encryption and processing of the personal documents from upload to delivery. It eliminates the human factors of the risk of information leakage.

Tips for using online birth certificate translation

The definition and requirement of an official translation varies from country to country. Before looking for the translation service, you will need to first establish the local translation requirements. For instance, the birth certificate translation could either be a certified (US and UK) or a sworn translation (European countries); a digital format or a hard copy.

Some birth certificates may feature a great deal of handwritten information which can be difficult for a translator to read, which can result in misspellings and an inaccurate translation. Those written in languages that do not employ the Roman alphabet, such as Japanese and Chinese, may lead to some issues, especially when transliterating a name. It would be very helpful to provide the translation company with spelling references for names and addresses if possible.

Depending on the requirements of different authorities, a certified translation of the birth certificate must contain certain components. They usually include a confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document; the date of the translation; the translator’s full name and signature; the translator’s contact details; and a certification letter attached with original signatures.

Contact Elite Asia if you require a professional birth certificate translation service. We provide language translations spanning dozens of language pairs and work with native language speakers who understand legal and cultural norms and requirements. Our experienced linguist assigned to your project ensure a reliable and cost-effective result that you can count on.

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