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Obtaining PR in Singapore – Your Essential Guide To A Successful Application

Elite AsiaCertified TranslationObtaining PR in Singapore – Your Essential Guide To A Successful Application

If you obtain PR (permanent residency) in Singapore, you can reap a host of benefits. Nevertheless, navigating the process of making your PR application can be complicated and time-consuming. With this essential guide, you’ll find it easier to understand how to get started with the application process.

Applying For Permanent Residency In Singapore

The first step to making an application for permanent residency is to check that you are eligible. You could be eligible to make a PR application if you’re:

  • Married to a Singapore PR or citizen.
  • An unmarried child under the age of 21 who was born with a legal marriage or adopted by a permanent resident or citizen of Singapore.
  • A Singapore citizen’s aged parent.
  • A holder of an S Pass or Employment Pass.
  • A student who is studying in Singapore.
  • An overseas investor in Singapore.

All of the above eligibility criteria have their own documentation requirements. Therefore, you need to pay closer attention to which paperwork you have to submit.

Preparing Your Documentation

Once you’ve determined that you’re eligible, you need to prepare the documentation you require. If any of those documents aren’t in the English language you will need to have them translated. To be accepted, the translations must be produced by either a public notary in the country which issued the documentation or in Singapore. Fortunately, this is something that Elite Asia can help with.

Making The Process Simple With Our Certified Translation Service

Here at Elite Asia, we offer an efficient certified translation service and we’re committed to making the process of obtaining certified translations of your paperwork as quick and effortless as possible. We’re able to proceed with your translation with only a soft copy of your original document, translating the text based on the original and then certifying the final translation. We’ll stamp the document and supply a translation certificate that will accompany your translated document.

Once the translation has been certified by us, we will pass it on for notarisation to the notary public. They will produce a notarial certificate and a certified true copy. It will then be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) and legalised by the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

You will not need to be present at any time during this process.

Submitting Your Application

Once all of the documents have been translated, certified, and notarised, you can submit your application online via the ICA website. Simply attached scanned copies of all of the required documentation according to the guidelines set out by the ICA. The application process will begin immediately after payment is received and could take approximately six months. If necessary, you may be required to attend an appointment in person.

It’s wise to refer to the official website of the ICA or directly consult with the ICA to obtain the most accurate, up-to-date information regarding Singapore permanent residency applications to ensure that you are providing the correct paperwork and following the appropriate procedure. Once you’re certain which translations you require, get in touch with Elite Asia and benefit from our efficient and cost-effective certified translation service.

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