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Obtaining Certified Translations and Transcription for Legal Documents in Court Proceedings

Elite AsiaCertified TranslationObtaining Certified Translations and Transcription for Legal Documents in Court Proceedings
5 September 2023 Posted by eliteasia Certified Translation Legal No Comments

Presenting legal documents in court proceedings has a crucial part to play in determining the final outcome of the case. However, when those documents are in a different language to the one used by the court itself, there is a need to ensure that they have been correctly translated and that the textual content is accurate. This is where Certified Translation services can prove to be indispensable.

Legal Evidence Containing Text And Words

When handling any case, the court will require evidence to be presented, and this evidence must be presented in the courtroom’s preferred manner. Many types of documents may be requested as evidence in legal cases, including personal documents, emails, contracts, audio or video transcriptions, statements, social media posts and comments, agreements, and journals among others. If these documents are in a different language to that used in the court, it goes without saying that they must be translated in order for the case to be heard correctly. A judge or jury cannot make informed decisions if they are faced with documents in a language that is unfamiliar to them. Therefore, certified translation services are required to ensure that each document has been translated correctly into the appropriate language so that the court officials can read it and understand it.

Cultural Adaptation And Audio/Video Evidence

If a legal case relies on audio or video evidence, a transcription will be required. This is because it is easier to check the words that are spoken when they are presented in a paper format. That is especially the case when it comes to audio and video evidence in a different language, and therefore the services of a trained and professional transcriptionist should be used to ensure an accurate presentation of the audio or video content is given to the court. When a certified transcription is produced, court officials can have greater trust in the quality of the evidence with which they are presented.

What Are The Benefits Of Certified Translation Of Legal Documents?

While it’s clear that having legal documents that have been translated into the appropriate language for the court proceedings is crucial to determining the outcome of the case, there is an added benefit to ensuring that those legal document translations have been certified. A certified translation will ensure that those documents have been reliably and accurately translated from the original and, thus, ensure that those using them to make their final judgments can have the greatest level of trust in them. Furthermore, when compared with the standard translation process, certified translations go through a more in-depth quality control procedure, and this allows them to meet the required legal standard for use in court.

Elite Asia can supply high quality certified translation services for court documents and evidence to be presented in a legal setting. Whether certified transcription of audio or video content is required, or whether certified translations of documents need to be supplied, we can meet those needs.

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