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Neural Machine Translation For Your Business

Elite AsiaTechnologyNeural Machine Translation For Your Business
19 April 2022 Posted by eliteasia Technology No Comments

If you’re running a business with clients all over the world, you’ll need to find a way to ensure your translations are accurate to avoid unintentional misunderstandings and potentially serious errors in communication. Neural Machine Translation is one way to achieve this, and here we take a closer look at what it can offer.

What is Neural Machine Translation?

Sometimes known as NMT, Neural Machine Translation is a cutting-edge approach to machine translation using neural network techniques in order to predict words within any given sequence. It represents a revolutionary approach to addressing language localisation and translation problems thanks to its ability to use AI and deep neural networks for training neural models.

Other Types Of Machine Translation

While NMT offers a host of benefits, there is an even better option – MTPE or Machine Translation Post Editing. This solution involves the use of both cutting-edge machine translation and post-editing carried out by native linguists who have in-depth knowledge of the industry in order to produce content that is localised and resonates with the business’s target market’s cultural context.

NMT Applications

NMT has a host of applications including:

  • Multi-Domain Machine Translation Services like KantanMT which offers more than 760 language combinations and Systran which offers full-text, file, and web translation services.
  • Specialized Machine Translation Services that serve a single market such as Lingua Custodia which operates within the financial sector.
  • Real-Time Text-To-Text Translations such as Facebook Translate
  • Real-Time Speech-To-Speech Translations such as Skype Translate
  • Real-Time Image-To-Text Translations such as Textgrabber 6

NMT Benefits for businesses 

The primary benefit of NMT for businesses is the natural-sounding language that it can produce. NMT makes language translated by AI sound less robotic and thus, more human making it suitable for use for chatbots for customer service purposes. 

Also, NMT is able to produce a better translation of sentences in context with their surrounding text. Since NMT adapts over time, it is able to make generalisations and create new connections and conclusions. It is especially good at translating repetitive content requiring high accuracies such as reference materials, guides, and manuals.

Furthermore, it can translate rapidly and can be integrated easily into other software in use making it a speedy and flexible solution that works 24/7.

Businesses must determine which type of machine translation will best suit their needs, and therefore they must consult with skilled language service providers in order to draw on their expertise within this field.

Should I Integrate NMT Into My Business Processes?

If you are running a business that operates across overseas markets, integrating NMT into your business processes is essential in the modern world. Not only can it speed up your existing workflow thanks to its 24/7 operation but it can also produce more accurate translation to avoid miscommunication issues.

Elite Asia offers MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) services that are the most effective solution for localisation. With skilled language experts working on machine-translated texts to improve and hone them, it is an excellent way to ensure the best possible translation.

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