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M.I.C.E Business Development

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M.I.C.E Business Development


Boost Your MICE Tourism with Multilingual Accessibility

Back in 2016, the ICCA reported that in over 2,749 meetings held in the Asia Pacific & Middle East region, 22% of these meetings were worldwide based. In fact, in the growing MICE industry, the top Asian cities are Seoul, Beijing, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Taipei. Which means that competition in the MICE industry is becoming fierce.

So, in order to stand out from these competitors, implementing multilingual translation across your company can help your business grow and succeed. However, to ensure your products and documents make sense across multiple languages, it’s essential to turn to a translation company like ourselves. Especially if you want to attract the best speakers to your events.

M.I.C.E Business Development
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5 Reasons

Why Being Multilingual Can Boost Your Sales


Acquire overseas corporate customers by communicating in their native language. It strengthens trust in the working relationship, opens up discussions and opportunities, builds stronger interaction and increases sales conversion.


Language services such as translation and interpretation are essential offerings for any successful MICE event. These value-added services avail you to the international meeting market and help you gain a competitive edge to maximise revenue growth.


Forge and solidify your global positioning when you present your brand, sales pitch, marketing communications, and contract in multi languages.


When you have package contracts and their terms in the languages of your potential customers, you align expectations of all parties and build confidence in your organization’s finesse in MICE.


Your customers are most likely to deal with you because you are providing information that is understandable, crystal clear, and appealing in their native languages. Breaking down communication barriers between you and your potential customers, and between speakers and participants, makes for higher sales conversions and smooth-running meetings.

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