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Inbound Tourism Events

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Inspire Inbound Tourism at Tourism Events, Exhibitions & Trade Fairs

Appearing at an international tourism event is a massive opportunity for you to raise awareness and teach others about the culture of your country. As these events allow you to tell stories about your history, recommend the best in local produce and even correct any misconceptions someone might have about your country. Best of all, these events provide the perfect opportunity for you to encourage investors and travellers to visit your home. Which is incredibly important when tourism is so vital to a country’s economy.

Multilingual Event Translators

The problem is, with such large international events, many of those attending will speak languages different from your own. Which means your wonderful speech about your country could be lost in translation. Which for a Destination Marketing Origination (DMO), can mean your expensive tourism marketing campaign could go to waste. That is unless you make that campaign multilingual!

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5 Reasons

Why Your Inbound Tourism Event Needs to be Multilingual


Attract visitors and outbound travellers all over the world, like China, United States, and Germany, who do not necessarily speak your native language. Build your destination’s brand and showcase the attractions in the language they understand.


Out of the top 10 biggest spenders on international tourism in 2016, 60% of them do not have English as their native language. Capture the attention of these tourism pockets with user-friendly, comprehensible event communications and marketing campaigns.


Marketing your country, state or attraction in multiple languages gives your destination’s brand an international outlook and shows that you think globally while paying attention to cultural sensitivities.


Get crawled by search engines and be found in high-growth markets, like China, South Korea, and Vietnam, where homegrown search engines work in native languages.


In the tourism industry, making visitors feel welcome and safe is an irrefutable must-do. Marketing communications, signages, and event presentations in the language of the potential visitor add to the trust factor, the satisfaction indicator, and the effective marketing of your destination.

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