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Multilingual Technologies That Can Help Your Business Expansion

Elite AsiaTechnologyMultilingual Technologies That Can Help Your Business Expansion
25 January 2022 Posted by eliteasia Technology No Comments

Two years into the pandemic, COVID-19 crisis has created a variety of challenges for all businesses around the globe. In our increasingly connected digital world, leveraging on multilingual technologies to promote business development merits hard consideration.

Machine translation

As a business grows globally, more customers expect to interact with the company in different languages and dialects of their choice. Machine translation is considered an astonishing enhancement to a business’s omnichannel experience. Integrated with neural machine translation technology, multilingual translation is available in chatbot, social media platforms and video conference tools just as Zoom and Skype. Some cutting-edge machine translation software even provide real-time translation, creating ultimate shopping experience for a linguistically diverse customer base. Harnessing the power of machine translation helps make e-commerce translations highly efficient and more budget friendly.

Website localisation

Localising the digital presence is an essential investment for any business nowadays as online shoppers have a strong preference for their mother tongue. It is not surprising to see that the more local-language content available throughout the customer journey, the greater the likelihood of purchase. A localised website adapts content to a distinct locale or market and conveys customised messages to the target culture. Localised websites increase company’s marketability, promote brand recognition as well as improve search engine rankings, opening up huge opportunities for growth.

AI transcription

YouTube is widely used as one of the marketing strategies to drive more traffic and engagement. To get messages across, reach diverse audiences more effectively and improve video engagement, subtitles and captions are of paramount importance. AI transcription quickly transcribes from speech to text in any language with a high accuracy and a low cost. The artificial intelligence also helps legal professionals covert audio and video files to high quality transcripts with multiple-speaker recognition function. It automates such notoriously tedious process to enable far superior turnaround times to maximise productivity, compared to the manual method.

Interpreting services

The need for remote interpretation services have grown massively due to the ongoing pandemic. It is praised for its easy access, high efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Elite Asia’s FUZON platform allows healthcare providers to connect to a qualified professional interpreter within 10 seconds, providing over 350 languages. It serves as an effective and economical language barrier solution for the healthcare industry, especially at such a difficult time. For companies organising conferences and international product launching, Elite Asia provides simultaneous interpreting services, supported by a team of trained and experienced interpreters. It also committed to delivering an unparalleled listening experience by utilising Bosch Integrus System, having greater signal/noise ratio and errors automatic correction.  

Businesses, big and small, should have no hesitation in investing in multilingual translation in order to maximise the revenue-driving and brand-building potential of language. To survive the stiff competition and establish footprints in foreign markets, multilingual technologies are indispensable tools to create an ultimate customer experience while being seamless and intuitive for employees to use.

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