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E-Discovery Solutions

Elite AsiaLegalE-Discovery Solutions
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E-Discovery Solutions


International litigation is complicated and expensive as it involves different legal systems and how the court system works. Therefore, Law firms should plan and develop a system and process to address multilingual demands in e-discovery to save time and money in this difficult task.

With the ever-improving technology, online databases and virtual data rooms make it possible to store and access a vast amount of data and information. With the right resources and our solutions, the litigation process, whether international or not, will be more efficient as the attorneys can focus on the strategy instead of flipping through thousands of documents.

e-discovery solutions
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Cost and Time-Efficient

E-discovery reduces cost for data storage and the time needed for data-mining with advanced search through a vast amount of documents and research significantly. With a smaller bill for legal professionals and data storage, it saves both the attorney’s and client’s time and money.


Better Legal Outcome

As the attorney have time to prepare for the case, it is likely to have better legal outcome.


Protect Your Files

E-discovery software uses reliable and encrypted server and it will ensure that your important files are well-protected.


Access Files On the Go

With the software in the cloud, any authorised person can access the files from anywhere with internet access.

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Process of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)

Information governance: Information governance (IG) is an important step in a successful e-discovery, which refers to capturing and storing electronically stored information (ESI) properly

Identification: Identification refers to the process to determine what ESI is relevant. The e-discovery team uses different methods to identify potential ESI, including case facts, interviews with key persons and data environment.

Preservation: After identifying relevant ESI, it is important to keep it from “spoliation”, which means the tempering or destruction of evidence. One of the most common way to preserve evidence is through a legal hold. In other words, it “freezes” information and prevent anyone from deleting or destroying the evidence.

Collection: Once the evidence is preserved with a legal hold, the teams use legally defensible methods to gather that information. It is a must that the key attributes of evidence is not altered and remain authentic.

Processing: This stage refers to processing the collected evidence for attorney analysis and review. This “clean up” usually involves deleting irrelevant and meaningless data, extracting files, and converting file format.

Review: This is perhaps the most important and also most expensive stage in EDRM. After the relevant ESI is collected and processed, it has to be reviewed by legal teams to understand how it relates to the case and benefits the client.

Analysis: This stage involves evaluating the ESI for content and context, including key patterns, topics, people and discussion.

Production: This stage refers to producing evidence that is usable during legal proceedings.

Presentation: Once the evidence is produced, it has to be presented in a legal proceeding. Presentation of the evidence has also shifted from paper to a digital presentation.

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