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Multilingual Legal Solutions

Legal translation is more than simply being fluent in several languages. These translators also need to have in-depth legal knowledge in order to understand complex and technical theories, as well as a deep understanding of the cultural implications of the language they are translating to.

This is especially important in legal translations, as even the most minor of errors could still have massive legal implications when it comes to any judicial decisions. So, while in other areas of translation accuracy is important, with legal translation the upmost accuracy is always essential, which means that you must choose any translation company you use wisely.

Whether it is a court session legal interpretation, oral business contract legal transcription or legal document translation, we can help you at Elite Asia with our Multilingual Legal Solutions.

Multilingual Legal Solutions
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Legal Translation

Legal Translation is a task that demands a combination of in-depth knowledge in legal norms and jargon, translation theory and a highly technical appreciation of the relevant source and target languages.

Our Legal Translation Services include any written text and documents – such as certificates, contracts, agreements, and memorandums – required for use in applications with governmental and judicial agencies

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Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription refers to the conversion of speech into text, within the context of a legal event. It is provided with both separately and jointly with our legal translation services. Our Services include any audio or video files required for use by governmental and judicial agencies. Transcripts may be delivered in English, as a translated version in one or more target languages, or both.

At Elite Asia, we offer two main types of Legal Transcription services: off-site legal transcription and on-site legal transcription services

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On-Site Legal Transcription

On-site Legal Transcription involves a transcriber being present on-site at a designated venue and given time to record a legal event in writing. This service is provided for clients who require immediate delivery of a legal transcript.

The most frequent case of this concerns Court Transcription, which requires a transcriber to be physically present at a court hearing to undertake the relevant transcription.

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Legal Interpretation

Legal Interpretation Service conventionally refers to the on-site translation of legal content in a verbal format.

This includes legal consecutive interpretation and legal simultaneous interpretation. Additionally, we sell and rent out simultaneous interpreting systems for clients that require mass interpretation

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