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Vietnam is ranked number 15 in terms of population, and has around 97.3m inhabitants in 2019. Currently under a socialist government, more than 85% of the people living in Vietnam are native to the country. It is home to a huge variety of different languages, including Cham; Khmer; Mường, Tày, Nùng, Chinese and H’Mông. The official language of Vietnam, though, is Vietnamese, which uses Chinese symbols in its writing. As well as languages, Vietnam is home to numerous religions – primarily Buddhism, but also Confucianism, Taoism and Catholicism.

Notoriously difficult to learn due to its amalgamous nature which combines Chinese symbols with a unique way of pronunciation, Vietnamese is a challenge for English speakers. However, Vietnam is rapidly becoming not only a desirable travel destination, but also an attractive marketplace for business development. If you’re looking to grow your business within the booming Vietnamese economy, you need high quality Vietnamese translation services.

Vietnamese Translation

At Elite Asia, our team offer a premium English into Vietnamese (and vice versa) translation service that you can trust. We have headquarters in Singapore, where we have a loyal customer base and a reputation as a reliable and professional translation agency. Our team comprises of Vietnamese translation professionals and qualified linguists.

We strive towards precision and conciseness with each and every translation project we undertake. That’s why we hire only the very best native Vietnamese translators to help communicate your message to a Vietnamese audience. When arranging an English to Vietnamese (and vice versa) translation with Elite Asia, you will experience:

  • Quick delivery times, whatever your project size
  • Competitive pricing with no sneaky hidden fees
  • Honest and open business dealings
  • Work that is of the highest quality and closest attention to detail

Whatever your project size, we’re happy to take it on, as we know that a text length is not indicative of quality, and a great translation can do amazing things for your business.

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