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Thai Translation Services


In terms of population, Thailand ranks at number 21 in the world. Its official name is ‘The Kingdom of Thailand’ and formally known as Siam, and Thai Language is the official spoken language. There are 60m people speak Thai, with more and more Thailand residents enrolling in university education and above every year, the language is gaining traction. As well as Thai, Thailand is home to a variety of other languages – dialects of Chinese, Laotian and Malay mainly.

As a rapidly growing player on the global market as both a manufacturer and professional service provider, a place in Thailand’s marketplace has become increasingly desirable. The geographical location of Thailand has a part to play in this, being close to the valuable allies, and it has become one of the most rapidly growing economies in Asia. All of this adds up to Thailand having a strong pull factor for international investment.

Elite Asia are a professional Thai translation to English (and vice versa) interpretation and translation agency. We hire only the very best translators, many of whom are native Thai speakers and university-educated linguists. We treat each and every project with the same care and attention to ensure we deliver a high quality translation that is as close to the original document as possible. Translation is not accurate unless it conveys the precise meaning and emotion of the original text; you cannot achieve this without a human translator, and ours are the best.

Here at Elite Asia, we take pride in our Thai translation services, that is not only professional but also highly efficient. Once all the details of the project are confirmed, our project executives then quickly pass on the documents for translation, and our translators will get right on the job. We know how important fast turnaround is for translation and interpretation, and we’ll work as hard and quickly as possible to deliver your translation to the highest possible standard.

To summarise the services we provide:

  • We deliver translations within a short timeframe, regardless of the scale of the project
  • Competitive prices and bulk deals
  • Honest and open conversation between us and our clients
  • Focus on quality over everything else

Whatever your project size, whether it’s a single page or an entire portfolio of content, we know that it’s all about quality over quantity anyway. Together we can translate and communicate messages that are powerful and effective, whatever the size of the piece, and extend your business’ reach internationally.

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