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Tamil Translation

India has the second largest population of any country, and it is the largest country with a democracy on the planet. Tamil is the official language of Indian, and is used every day by more than 65 million Indians. Within India and the surrounding Southern Asian area, there are twenty-six languages, of which Tamil is one, Tamil is also used across Sri Lanka and Singapore.

With a rapidly growing economy largely due to cheap labour costs and a booming industrial sector, India is becoming more and more attractive to overseas investors and traders. Now the 10th biggest economy on the planet, India shows no sign of slowing down, and English-speaking businesses have cottoned on to this.

Elite Asia are a trusted, professional translation agency. We deliver the very best English into Tamil (and vice versa) interpretation and translation services. Tamil is regarded as being highly complex and difficult, largely due to how old it is. We only hire the very best translators for the job – those who speak Tamil as a native language – so you can relax knowing our translations are intuitive, subtle and not simply a literal translation churned out by a computer.

Our professional translators are educated to a tertiary level in linguistics and related studies, so you can be sure you’re getting a service that goes above and beyond standard translation. Whether you want to translate a Tamil document into English, or you need English content translated into Tamil, we’ve got you covered.

We translate an enormous range of content types – from legal documents to menus, professional certificates to commercial brochures, ecommerce product descriptions to business proposals – whatever you need translated, we’ll ensure the job is done properly and swiftly. Boost your business with powerful translations of your existing campaigns, reach a global audience and generate more profit.

At Elite Asia, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver:

  • Rapid delivery on all projects, small or large
  • Competitive prices on everything with no sneaky fees
  • Honest and open business dealings
  • High quality work with consistent attention to detail

Whatever your project, we are on hand to make the translation quick, easy and effective. We know that when it comes to the communication of a message, length is inconsequential. We aim to deliver translations that are as powerful as the original document, and will give your organisation the boost it deserves.

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