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Simplified Chinese


It is often said that Chinese is one of the most ancient languages ever to have been written down, with some historians dating it to as far back as 6000 years ago. Chinese is divided into countless dialects, the majority of which can be categorised within one of seven distinct groups: Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Wu, Min and Xiang.

Within these seven groups exist dozens of sub-languages – dialects, which the majority (over 90%) of Chinese people speak. The remaining 8% or so speak languages other than Chinese, like Tibetan, Miao and Mongolian. There are enormous differences between the many Chinese dialects, but all are united under one common rule: they can both be written down using Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese; the former of which is primarily in use in the PRC (People’s Republic of China), Malaysia and Singapore.

Need a professional translation service for English to Chinese & vice versa? Elite Asia is proud to have been delivering premium translation services for almost thirty years, undertaking a huge range of different projects from various industries and corporations. Our reputation speaks for us in Singapore, where we are well known as an agency for translating between Chinese and English.

Our team comprises of qualified translators offer both English to Chinese / Chinese to English translation and interpretation services. At Elite Asia, we also provide a range of related services, should you need them for your specific project, such as transcription, and dedicated courses teaching managers and executives who want to learn Chinese business language.

We translate as closely as possible to incorporate the nuances and subtleties of communication, rather than delivering a literal translation as a computer might. We will always aim to preserve the original document’s intended meaning, regardless of how long or short the resulting text is. Our translations are written to be understood by English and Chinese speakers around the world, allowing you to communicate your message effectively and on a global scale.

Every member of our team has received tertiary education in translation-related studies, and are on hand to create any materials you have in mind, whether it’s business history content or promotional materials, we are here to translate seamless from English to Chinese (& vice versa).

Our team of translators has their fingers on the pulse of contemporary Chinese which is suitable for formal uses, for instance in official documents, business propositions and commercial materials. We also occasionally translate to informal, colloquial Chinese where appropriate (e.g. for real time transcription).

At Elite Asia, we’re dedicated to bringing out customers the best translation and interpretation services for English to Chinese (& vice versa), for a diverse range of projects, large and small.

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