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Around 128 m people speak Japanese; 124 m of whom are living in Japan and the islands off its coast, Okinawa; with the remaining 4 million living elsewhere. Japanese writing is made up of three separate alphabets, which are Kanhi, Hiragana and Katakana.

Japan is the world’s leading technology manufacturer and innovator, and so it’s no surprise that Nihongo (another word for Japanese) is considered one of the most useful languages in the world from a business perspective, as well as being used widely within scientific, entertainment and cultural contexts too. With more than 130 m current speakers of Japanese, in 2010 it became number 4 on the list of the internet’s most used languages.

Elite Asia are experts in Japanese to English (and vice versa) translation, and we have a dedicated team of native Japanese speakers to get the job done effectively. We have a rigorous admissions process, and it’s compulsory for everyone we employ to have a minimum of 5 years translation experience.

Japanese businesses are prevalent all over Asia; as a result, there is a high demand for professional Japanese translators. Our team includes specialist translators across various areas – from medicine to engineering, industry-related practices to marketing. We are a tight knit group of experienced translators, to bring you the very best Japanese to English translation services available. We know how important deadlines are, so we will always strive to deliver documents quickly without ever compromising on quality.

We know that accurate, effective translation is about understanding culture and context as much as it’s about knowing grammar and vocab. We also take into account the target audience and the purpose of the document, which enables us to delegate the task to the right translator.

We’re meticulous with our work at every stage of the translation process. We’ll first consult the client to assess exactly what is being asked of them. We’ll address any issues with the translation and recognition of character, outline the dedicated support we have in place, and ensure a thorough proofreading on every document we send out. With Elita Asia, you can be sure you’re getting the best Japanese translation service possible.

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