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Bahasa Indonesia

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Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia Translation

Bahasa Indonesia is the primary language of Indonesia, the biggest country in the whole of SE Asia with the largest Muslim population in the world. More than 200 million Indonesians speak this language, with the remaining residents speaking either English, Dutch or one of many of the native dialects, of which Javanese is the most common. The literacy levels in Indonesia is rising rapidly, and more and more Indonesians are pursuing education beyond secondary school level.

On an institutional level, Indonesia is rapidly becoming a big player on the business scene. This is a country with extensive natural resources and a booming industry, and more and more organisations and businesses are becoming involved in the marketplace to trade. Offices are increasingly being set up in Indonesia for foreign bodies to better establish their place within the Indonesian market.

Elite Asia is dedicated to assisting businesses and organisations to engage with Indonesian markets, and establish themselves through translation and transcreation, helping to connect them with fresh audiences in Indonesia. Delivering your unique message to Indonesian consumers means using the right language and cultural references that will resonate with the widest audience – you need a professional English to Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Indonesia to English translator on hand to make this leap.

Our translation services are delivered by people who are not only experts in the language, but also in the commercial culture of Indonesia and how businesses interact with one another. Elite Asia provides 24/7 translation support – we only hire the very best translators who have experience across a variety of industry fields, including world famous brands. We cover everything from marketing materials to business documents, so you can connect in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Our translators are specialists in specific industries, native Bahasa Indonesia speakers, or a combination of the two. Every document is meticulously drafted, composed and checked to bring you the most accurate Bahasa to English / English to Bahasa translation possible. Our professionals go above and beyond simple translation to bring you quality content that is written for and by people, not computers.

We cover everything from corporate proposals to sales brochures, legal documents to ecommerce content, incorporating all the natural nuances of Bahasa to effectively communicate your message to an Indonesian audience. We only offer the very best translators a role at our company, with a standard rate of 30% pass rate for all translator applications. We know that high quality, bespoke translation services are invaluable, and we’re committed to delivering the very best service within each and every project that comes our way, big or small.

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