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Language Transcription: A Tool to Transform Your Business

Elite AsiaTranscriptionLanguage Transcription: A Tool to Transform Your Business
11 October 2022 Posted by eliteasia Transcription No Comments

Effective transcription is essential for many businesses around the world, allowing them to connect with both their customers and their teams on an international scale. Transcription is a powerful tool for effectively conveying their message and recording important material for later analysis. Let’s find out more about transcription and how it can be useful for many types of business.

What Is Language Transcription?

Language transcription is the process of converting audio or video into text documents. It is used to convey a message in a format that is accessible to readers everywhere; high-quality transcription requires excellent language skills and attention to detail, as well as an awareness of each project’s unique requirements.

Transcription takes some time and often requires two stages of editing to ensure the resulting text is clean and tidy – it is a task that can only be reliably undertaken by a professional transcription service provider. There are several different types of transcription services which businesses may wish to use, each of which has its own purpose in determining an effective outcome for the target audience.

Types of Transcription

Verbatim transcription means transcribing everything word-for-word. This type of transcription service is useful for communicating everything down to the last detail, such as any emotions, laughs or other subtle but important moments in a transcript that might otherwise be left out.

On-site transcription offers on-the-spot transcription in real-time. This is useful for meetings, conferences and other business events to ensure the most important visual and audible materials are accurately recorded.

Edited transcription offers a more in-depth communication of the message, requiring two stages: one for the initial transcription, and one for gaining a deeper understanding of the content and its context. This process takes longer and therefore tends to be more expensive, but the end result is worth it.

Intelligent transcription is a sophisticated service that improves the grammar, cuts out any filler and conveys the desired message while omitting any unnecessary words, such as ‘um’, repetition of phrases or sounds like laughter, all of which can disrupt the flow of the ideas being discussed.

Industry Uses of Transcription

Transcription is a valuable tool used within a range of business contexts. Any business that has organised meetings, seminars, webinars and conferences will benefit from transcription services, which save them time on rewatching footage.

The entertainment industry regularly requires the transcription of films and podcasts, while the pharmaceutical industry benefits from transcribing research talks verbatim and launching new products. Verbatim transcription is also an essential tool within the legal field, where material such as court hearings needs to be recorded with absolute precision.

Accurate transcription delivered in a timely manner is an essential tool for many businesses, and Elite Asia are here to deliver just that. We provide an exceptional transcription service that is tailored to the individual needs of our clients and the unique requirements of each project, ensuring the most effective and accurate transference of ideas from audio to text.

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