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Is Human Transcription Service Replaceable?

Elite AsiaTranscriptionIs Human Transcription Service Replaceable?
7 February 2023 Posted by eliteasia Transcription No Comments

What comes to your mind when you hear the word transcription? Transcription is the process of turning a voice file into a text or written version. In the current era, where people need to access all of the information conveniently, transcription has become a vital part of the digital information world. Although the combination of voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence transcription has excelled in many businesses, some businesses still prefer human transcription services.

Industries Benefited from Human Transcription

Converting speech into written form could be useful in some industries to make their message or information to be accessible to more audiences, especially to those with hearing impairment. Many industries could use transcription services such as:

  • Academic, Business Conferences, Interviews, Focus Groups, and Meetings – transcription could be useful to record the content in a printed version for reference in the future.
  • Medical – sometimes when patients have multiple doctors in charge and need to transfer between hospitals, a medical record could be vital as patients’ medical history to help doctors make a decision.
  • Legal, Court Hearing – to record all that was happening during the meetings that later could be shared with others and used as references as well.
  • Online broadcast, Podcast, and Video –  digital broadcasting media is getting more popular nowadays and by transcribing it, the reach for audiences could be more sporadic.

Why Human Transcribers Are Still Preferred in Some Industries

While artificial intelligence (AI) transcription can transcribe faster, there is something that remains irreplaceable that only humans can provide: human touch. Furthermore, some industries required more privacy and non-disclosure of the content that needs to be transcribed. Since AI transcription relies on the data algorithm software, there might be potential data privacy problems when the data is uploaded or saved on the server of software.

Even though a professional human transcriber could take 2-3 hours to transcribe an hour of an audio file, the transcription quality is far more satisfying than the one produced by AI transcription. Here are some advantages of using the service of a human transcriber compared to AI transcription:

  • It could be set to your preferred delivery format – human transcription service enabled you to instruct how you would like your transcription format to be made. The transcriptionist will then transcribe your file into a ready-to-use transcript that matches your setting.
  • Accuracy – while AI transcription will transcribe your file in real-time, the accuracy level would be questionable. Human transcribers, on the other hand, understand pauses, slang, abbreviations, accents, and dialects will minimise errors in the transcription process. Moreover, by distinguishing speech, homophones, and background noise, human transcribers are more likely to produce 99% accurate transcription.
  • Differentiate multi speakers – when there is more than one speaker in the audio file, human transcribers with trained ears could easily differentiate the speakers and make the transcript more like a conversational mode, which will be more understandable and comprehensive.

Language Convenience

Reading takes a shorter time than listening to an audio file and by transcribing it, it will be easier to translate it into other languages. Therefore, transcription not only would record your audio file into a written version but also could be used to reach more audiences by making it accessible in multi-languages.

When you decide to use a human transcription service, you need to work with a professional transcription company like Elite Asia. Our team of professionals and expert transcriptionists can help you with any of your transcriptions needs whether it be legally related, corporate, or general content. We guarantee that your transcription needs would be fulfilled and delivered impeccably. Rest assured that all of your language barrier problems could be solved with the help of Elite Asia.

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