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Introduction to FUZON

Elite AsiaInterpretationIntroduction to FUZON


Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic outbreak around the world, there is a tremendous increase in patients around the world. Currently, Elite Asia is ranked number 5 in English Proficiency Index internationally. However, we do have a big percentage of limited English proficient patients (LEP Patient) who have limited ability to read, speak, write, or understand English. A big percentage came from our boomer generation in Singapore.

Public health scares can be difficult and stressful for everyone, but it can cause even more strain for Limited English Proficient (LEP). In a situation like this, if there is poor planning to provide language access it can lead to miscommunications that have clinical consequences, health disparities for LEP patients and unfortunate health outcomes.

What is FUZON?

FUZON Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) platform allows our healthcare providers to utilize the interpretation tools and services so that they can provide their patients with the language access they need. With over 350 plus languages, it allows you to quickly connect to a qualified professional interpreter within 10 seconds at a fraction of the cost of traditional onsite interpreting.

When treating Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients, it is highly recommended for healthcare providers to add Over the Phone interpreter to the communication session, which they are able to schedule, organize and coordinate interpretation appointments with various interpreters. In this way, it can help to reduce the spread of Coronavirus due to a proper communication system.

How can FUZON assist the healthcare industry?

FUZON platform allows healthcare providers to have full control over high definition video and audio routing technology. They can route audio and video calls directly to their own firewalled team of interpreters across all Android and IOS devices, which mean they can always reach for your linguistic support services when and wherever they need assistance with their patients.

At the same time, it comes along with on-site interpreter appointment scheduling, which allows healthcare providers to easily access granular appointment detail and coordinate all of their in-person interpreting appointments at any volume. Managing Face-to-Face Interpreting Sessions has never been easier.

With a streamlined workflow and better business processes, FUZON platform is easy to navigate and able to support any size of onsite interpreting business from a handful to hundreds to thousands and beyond across any month at lower cost.

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